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Close More Deals When You Are Bidding Against Other Competitors

Service based businesses like Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, IT Companies etc. often quote or bid on the big projects. It can get really really competitive. Here is an strategy to help you win those big deals and contracts.

Using retargeting strategy allows you to zero in on those people who are decision makers and influence their decision especially when you know your competitors are also bidding on the same project. Don’t just sit and wait for the decision, you can target them specifically around possible concerns or questions they may have. At Rapid Boost we retarget our potential clients with previous client testimonials to show them what other people think about our service which helps with our conversion ratio immensely.

retarget customers

Gather a list of emails, phone numbers or Facebook IDs of people that you want to do business with. You can often find emails or phone numbers on a company’s website. Throw this data into a new custom audience on Facebook or use tools like Adroll to target them and hit them up with ads sending them to a targeted landing page. Here is the workflow:

–> Feed email list from your CRM or list you acquired through different sources  –> Use tool like Adroll, Google Display and other retargeting tools –> Target decision makers with specific ads –> Ads will follow them on credible websites they visit.

A lot of us go through this often when we search for a flight we are often followed by ads from Expedia or Kayak or Travelocity with deals related to those same flight. That is really powerful as there is highly likely chance we might buy those tickets.


Retargeting tools to get you started:
  • Adroll
  • Google Adwords Retargeting
  • Chango
  • Criteo
  • eBay Enterprise
  • Perfect Audience
  • Retargeter
  • Rocket Fuel



Roofing company got a lead to bid on a commercial project. It’s 250k project. From the bid submission to selection its 60 day process.

Right when they are putting the bid one of the roofing companies retargets everyone who will be making the decision on this bid.

They feed all the email addresses to a retargeting list. Now everywhere those decision makes go they see ads following them of the same roofing company which is building a soft influence over their decision. Roofing company can show ads just around customer objections, like showing an ad on Lifetime Warranty or Fire Proof etc.

Similarly a paving company put out a quote of 50k for paving project. There are 5 companies putting proposals in, if you stay top of the mind my following the decision makers everywhere your chances of winning that contract as a paving company are highly likely

Example # 2:

If you have a salesperson or account manager who has been in contact with lots of people who haven’t converted, you could create a list of these people and target ads at them. Your ads could feature a picture of the sales person with messaging such as “Ian is still here to answer your questions” and a call-to-action (CTA) to request a callback.

Another Idea

If you can collaborate and swap remarketing code with a local business who shares a similar industry but different services (Who don’t compete with you directly) as your own, allowing you both to advertise to visitors of the other. You can create remarketing lists from and target audience lists from collaborating with other businesses.


Here is an example of retargeting using Google Remarketing Campaign:


Source: Neil Patel


LinkedIn Targeting

Download a list of your LinkedIn connections and their email addresses. You can then use this list to create a Custom Audience for your Facebook or Twitter ads and drive them towards a landing page on your website.



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