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Online Social Media Strategies Conference 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta

Cutting-edge tactics, tools, and marketing methods for maximizing your results and building your business online. You’ll find out the latest digital marketing techniques…
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The difference between B2B and B2C social media marketing

When thinking about social media marketing for businesses, most assume it’s only for B2C businesses. This is a myth! In reality, 87% of B2B…
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Instagram 101: Making your brand’s presence felt on Instagram

Is your business on Instagram? Instagram is a social media platform solely built for photo-sharing, which is also expanding to video-sharing. The biggest…
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How accountants and accounting firms can take advantage of twitter?

When it comes to professional services, all businesses know the golden social media rule – BE ON LINKEDIN! However, many businesses miss out…
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Top tools to automate your social media marketing

Are social media campaigns and promotions taking up all your time? Do you find yourself doing repetitive marketing tasks on social media every…
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Engage! Engage! Engage!….

Social media is a powerful medium that you can use to communicate with your audience, make them aware of your sales, and make…
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4 real examples that show you how social media engagement is done + 7 tips to make engaging social media ads

You want your brand social media presence to be unique, an image that’s recognized, and associated as the industry leader? Here are 4…
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Simple Social Media Audit Checklist

Why would you want to run a social media audit? There is great power in social media. 74% of consumers cited relying on…
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