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Google’s New Page Experience: Simplified

User Experience (UX) is nothing new, but in 2021 it is becoming more critical than ever with the upcoming Google Page Experience Update.…
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Google Webmasters 101

Google Webmasters 101 When you optimize a website as per the search engine algorithms, its visibility and the search rankings improve. As a…
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How to hide your under construction website from Search Engines?

Crawler bots are like the viruses of the world, they grow and spread of their own accord, and they index whichever website links…
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Quick tips to navigate through Google Analytics

For a beginner, Google Analytics can be quite confusing to get through. There is so much of data and statistics available, it can…
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All you need to know about sitemaps

A sitemap details out all the pages on your website. It is not there for your customers, but for search engines. If your…
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