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Edmonton Business Statistics

  Edmonton has over 37K registered businesses. Service businesses make majority of businesses in Edmonton and area, by far. In fact, 78.5 percent of…
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5 Tricks for a successful PPC campaign + 9 Step Process

A PPC, or a Pay per Click campaign is a popular way for attracting targeted visitors to a website with the intention of…
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Why content marketing is important for online marketing success

When over 90% of Canadians search on Google and Bing they look for credible and reliable information. Also, Google and Bing rank original content higher…
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2014 Content Marketing Statistics

Content is # 1 organic traffic driver and it is becoming more important as over 90% of North Americans search online before they…
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What to do after you have setup your PPC account ?

PPC advertising is a very cost effective way to get your business across to new clients. Setting up a PPC account is very…
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What is a PPC (Google Adwords) account and how can you set it up?

PPC or pay per click is used to describe the small ads that constantly pop up while you are browsing or searching the…
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