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How to use social media to build B2B relationships

Social media is a powerful tool utilized by many marketers to tap into their audience base. The power of social media lies in…
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Who is your ideal customer?

What happens when you target every single person in your target audience pool together? You will land up capturing none of them. The…
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Stay one step ahead of your competitors with a blog

Blogging is a powerful tool that has to be a part of your SEO arsenal. A blogging strategy will get you noticed on…
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Email Marketing For Small Businesses in 2014

Some would say that email marketing is pointless, but as long people log onto their emails, it still holds relevance. Yet, a lot…
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Top 5 Email Marketing tools and software you can use to maximize your email marketing return on investment

Email marketing is a powerful tool to increase your reach. Though social media platforms have grown in popularity, email is not even close…
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Strategies to apply in finding and creating meaningful business partnerships online

Working with meaningful partners is the cornerstone of business success. As you grow your online presence, you will find that partnering with other…
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What Brands and Marketers Need To Know About Mobile Consumers

The rapid growth in the usage of smartphones devices in most parts of the world is having an impact on consumers and businesses…
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Learn why discounting is like hurting your business – Discounting for dummies 101

It’s always been assumed that discount sales are good for your business, however, have you ever considered, it’s not? The idea of sales…
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5 Proven ways for Non-Profits to to stand out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quite a powerful medium for corporates and professionals to interact and create an online presence. As a non-profit organization, you probably…
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Social Media 2014 – Drive More Sales Through Social Media Channels

For small buѕinеѕѕ оwnеrѕ and ѕalеѕ prоfеѕѕiоnalѕ across the globe, there is nothing mоrе еxсiting than a phоnе сall frоm a prоѕpесtivе buуеr…
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