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6 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate For PPC & Google Adwords

Ep # 73 Have you invested in pay per click (PPC) campaigns and had a poor experience? If the PPC ad campaigns didn’t…
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Recorded Webinar: How to get local customers, leads and sales

Exclusive Partners Event With Google and Rapid Boost     Many local businesses have found that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the…
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Don’t forget about Mobile PPC

Desktop PPC is the most common form of online advertising on a search engine. A lot of businesses do it, and a lot…
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PPC is just like ice hockey…Say whaa?

PPC and ice hockey have more in common if you sit down for a moment and think about it. Oh, and I have…
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How to get your paid search marketing on track? + Infographic on Re-targeting versus Adwords

While you are trying to rise up the SEO rank and get your links onto the first page of search results, you can…
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5 Tricks for a successful PPC campaign + 9 Step Process

A PPC, or a Pay per Click campaign is a popular way for attracting targeted visitors to a website with the intention of…
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2014 Content Marketing Statistics

Content is # 1 organic traffic driver and it is becoming more important as over 90% of North Americans search online before they…
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Call Tracking adds a vital metric to your SEO reporting

Have you ever thought of getting metrics on the phone calls you get? Most businesses don’t think about it or even know it…
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Don’t give search volume more attention than it deserves

Are you giving too much focus to your search volume for your keyword optimization? Depending on how much is too much, you may…
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What to do after you have setup your PPC account ?

PPC advertising is a very cost effective way to get your business across to new clients. Setting up a PPC account is very…
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