When you open an account on any social media platform, it is easy for your brand page to become a docile social media user. That is the last thing you want to happen! Your brand needs to be a social media leader on the internet. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice. Some like to be led and others like to lead. You need to be a leader and direct social media traffic towards your brand and business. Only by spearheading an effective marketing campaign through the internet will you be able make your presence known and felt.

Make Yourself Noticed

Learn to start conversations with your customers. Your posts need to be thought provoking, hilarious; something that can elicit a response from your audience. They should be shared, commented on, re-tweeted and must be making rounds around social media platforms.

Talk to Someone

While it is good to keep your posts opened ended towards the rest of the world, it does not hurt to occasionally, direct a post directly to a particular individual or a group of individuals. You do not want to talk to an empty room. Tag people in your posts, preferably popular local individuals in the community. Start a public conversation with that person. This public individual will have his or her own set of followers who will become aware of your brand name, and some will even start following you.

Helping the Existing Community

While social media offers one of the cheapest and best ways to make your brand known, you should not ignore the real world. In fact, you should find the perfect attraction between social media and the real world. Whenever you are hosting programs, sales events, etc., you don’t have to waste money on newspaper advertisement. Instead, you can skilfully spread awareness of the activity through a social media platform.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

There must be tens of other businesses who offer the same product or service as you. So the question you should ask (and what your customers will also ask) is – What sets your brand above them? You need to find your USP that puts you above the rest. This could be that you have a great customer service or a quick delivery service or a high quality product. Once you identify your USP, you can use it to your advantage and claim leadership on that aspect of your product or service. Build your marketing and advertising strategy with a distinct focus to your USP.

Brand Recall

At the end of the day, you want to implement all the we spoke about above in order for your customers to have brand recall. After creating such a well known presence through social media, your customers should be able to recall your brand name when they think of any service or product that they want to purchase. This way, customers will know that if they want, for example, a product delivered within 24 hours of buying it online, yours is the go-to website.

If you want to claim leadership, you have to be active on social media – constantly have interesting posts, conversation with customer and public figures. Your competitors should seem like they’re following the trend that you’re setting. But this doesn’t happen in a week or month. Be patient and be consistent in your social media activity, you do not become a social media leader overnight.