Have you ever thought of getting metrics on the phone calls you get? Most businesses don’t think about it or even know it is possible. Call tacking gives you big insights into your audience and tell you if your SEO and online ads are converting.


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What does Call Tracking Do?

You are plastering ads all over the place, local papers, magazines and search engines. Additionally, you are listed on various offline and online directories. Any person can find your phone number from any of these directories.

Call tracking tells you how a caller came across your number.

Why is this information important?

Why bother where the customer is calling from as long as they’re calling, right? Actually, it’s wrong. This information tells you what works and doesn’t work. Does your client prefer the ads in the local papers or the directories?

For example (and, this is where SEO ties in):

You set up a PPC campaign, but the click rates are so low that you may be considering scrapping the whole campaign. On the other hand, your call rates are pretty high. Every day your office receives a sufficient number of potential customers who are then converted. Call tracking will reveal vital information about these calls – your PPC ads are not getting high clicks because users prefer to call the contact number you have given in the ads.

So, you learn that your online campaign is actually working, just not the way you expected.

This example applies for all channels through which you try to reach out customers.

How does it Work?

Call tracking essentially works by using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). DNI virtually displays a unique phone number on a website based on the source or keyword of the visitor. It is done through a snippet of code and does not impact the SEO. Every customer who visits your website, views an online ad or checks you out on an Internet directory, automatically sees a number that is unique to that channel. Tracking which number users call on more gives you an idea of which channel is working best for you.

Why won’t they Click on the Ad?

Customers might prefer calling you than visiting your website because they want to immediately get in touch with you. This is because they urgently need your services or products.

How does it Affect your Online Campaign?

You may not realize it but 90% of your calls could be generated through your online campaigns and only 10% through your newspaper ads. This is vital information that says that you need to focus more on your online channels than offline ones.

Another example is that you may also find out that your Facebook sponsored ads work better than domain ads. Call tracking works in all kinds of media.

The world of online is growing, but people still love to call up a business and find out directly how it can help them. Call tracking is a very good idea if you receive tons of calls every day and want metrics on them.