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Bing was once inferior to Google and Yahoo, the platform is experiencing significant growth in last 2 years. Avenues for advertising your business on the site are only increasing, and offering vastly different opportunities than the Great Google.

This year, Microsoft celebrated a 23% year over year growth in search advertising. With 1.27 billion unique monthly global visitors, Bing attracts 23% of combined mobile search click share in the Canada and USA. On Windows 10 devices, Bing search queries increased by a whopping 30% compared to previous versions of Windows.


1: Bing users are very different from Google users: 

They’re older than Google users (with a majority age of 35+),

They’re more likely to have children,

They tend to come from blue collar backgrounds,

⅓ are college graduates, and

⅓ have a household income of over $100K.

Taking this average Bing user in mind, it’s clear that it appeals to a certain niche that might benefit particular industries. One of these industries is Financial Services, where Bing quarterly ad impressions beat Google by 1.2 million impressions. Here’s that in pictorial form:

Bing vs Google




2: Cheaper and less competitive

Bing Ads is cheaper than AdWords for almost every vertical, giving you a lot more bang for your buck if your target audience sits amongst the average Bing user.


bign ads are much cheaper



3: Bing Ads have more options (real estate) on the search results





Here few more reasons you should be using Bing:


Is Bing the king? Umm….not yet but a very important channel for leads

Is growing year-on-year,

Offers a niche target audience,

Competes with AdWords for several verticals,

Is cheaper than AdWords,

Is less competitive than AdWords,

Has potential for more visibility,

Imports AdWords campaigns, and


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