Ep # 49



There are advantages and disadvantages, but if you look at the bigger picture bidding on branded keywords with proper strategy pays off big time. You need to make sure before you choose your branded keywords for your AdWords campaign to apply this strategy. Branded keywords are usually very cheap and a great way for a brand to gain more traffic at lower click per cost.


  • Don’t just bid on your keyword, if you dominate the first page results:

Keywords of your dental clinic


  • Bid on your branded keywords when it includes other generic keywords, in this example, we have “injury lawyer Toronto” along with “Pace law” keyword:

bid on your branded keywords today


  • Check search results of your brand name on the first page and find out do you dominate it or not. If you don’t then you have to bid. Example: “Smiles dental clinic” is dominated by other players then the local clinic itself. Here you should be bidding on your branded keyword:

search engine optimization for dental clinics



  • Don’t bid on keywords like “address” “login”, keywords where you know 100% your current customers are trying to look for that information. For example a bank bidding on keywords for “online banking login” which is used by its current customers. In this example, TD Bank is already ranking but they are bidding on a keyword where they are wasting money.

financial institutions seo


  • You can bid on keywords like “deal” “special offer” etc. In this example, Walmart can have an ad with deals and targeting these searchers who are clearly looking for a bargain. Here if you are from Home Depot or Target you can bid on keywords like Walmart deals and get a cheap cost per click.


retail store search engine optimization



We will recommend to setup 3 campaigns for just branded keywords:  Exact, broad & phase match. (E) stands for exact match, (BM) stands for modified broad match, and (P) stands for phrase match.

Run these ads for 30 days to see which campaign is performing better and tweak it accordingly. Great thing about branded keywords is you can try it out with a relatively lower budget.