Guest blogging has become the a popular way to get people to visit your websites. Most SEO companies contact a number of bloggers each day to ask if they can post content on websites as a guest. While good quality guest blog posts add immensely to the traffic that your site receives, it is quickly becoming an overexploited route of propagation, and if you are not careful, it can back fire and ruin your site.

There are SEO firms that piggy back on newly launched sites that have recently gained visibility. Some even go as far as to offer money to put up guest posts on your site. While this might be beneficial to you if their content is original and can add some value to your site, this can easily get out of hand. Here’s what you should look out for.

Beware of 'low quality guest blog posts'


1. Do not accept too many guest posts

Your readers have chosen to follow you in order to listen to your opinions, experiences and expertise. If you are a big site, you have probably employed writers who have created their individual followers base and bring you more traffic. However, when you start receiving too many random guest posts from random people with no connection to your vision and who don’t participate in interacting with the readers, it puts a damper on your site, diluting its fan base. They may not even understand what your business is trying to achieve.

2. Do not publish low quality posts

If there is a huge difference in the quality of posts that you create and those that the guest bloggers write, it is bound to negatively affect your online reputation as it becomes very clear that the only reason you have accepted these posts is because they have been financially alluring. You can also add an editor’s note at the bottom of each post as way of speaking to your readers.

3. Do not accept irrelevant Bloggers

Although most SEO companies will contact bloggers in the relevant sectors, most will freelance to all. It then becomes your responsibility to ensure that what you post on your site has relevance to what your blog is about. You can post a historical article on a blog about medical health care. Our vigilance should extend not only to the general content of the article but also the links attached. It is best to accept posts only from trusted sources.

Although there are a lot of benefits to guest blog such as exposure, associative branding, building networks, etc., and there are many high quality guest bloggers out there, the SEO scenario is changing from using guest blogging as a link building method to using it for indiscriminate spamming. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you exercise skepticism when someone reaches out to you and offers to guest blog.