Every new update by Google, Bing and the other big search engines points to one major thing and that is – organic SEO is the best way get their attention. Search engines have grown smarter and they don’t want information to be forced onto the user. Rather, they want information that answers the query SEO techniques that don’t provide the right answer for the user are being weeded out. This results in a downgrade to your SEO rank.

So how can you bring your website and SEO strategy to focus on organic methods and win?

Mobile Marketing

If you have not been thinking about mobile marketing, now is the time to jump on the ship. Smartphones have changed the way a person can access the internet and your business needs to evolve to it too.

– Aspect Ratio

You website needs to fit on mobile devices of all sizes ranging from 3 inches to 11 inches. The fit needs to be comfortable and not feel out of place.

– Quick Load

A mobile user is quite impatient, your website needs to load within 3 seconds otherwise he will close the page.

– Navigation

A small touch screen means that you have to structure your website differently. Try to have few pages and focus more on scrolling.

Content should be on Top

Keyword optimization and link-building should all take a back-seat and your top focus has to be on creating quality content. What does quality content entail?

– No Grammar Issues: Your content should be devoid of any grammar or typo mistakes.

– For your Audience: The content you put up should not be for you or the search engines. It should only be for your target audience.

  • What is the article about? Will it interest your audience?

Interact with your customers and find out what are the kinds of questions they ask on Google. What is the information they want from your website? Just because you find the content interesting doesn’t mean your audience is attracted to it.


  • Is the tone and language altered for them?

Take a look at the Financial Post and Edmonton Journal. There is a clear difference between the tone and language used in both these papers. This is because the target audience is different.

Similarly, ensure that you use the right terms, language and tone to connect with your target audience. If your target audience is the general public use a light tone and give them easy-to-read articles.


– Always Have Examples

Mention examples wherever possible, especially if you are trying to communicate a theoretical point to your reader. These examples should be relevant to the situation your audience is in. It helps them understand better.

– Throw in Facts, Figures and Provide Links

One of the best ways to backup your point is to provide information from a study. Plus, add in a link to that study so the reader can verify it. This instantly helps in your link-building. For example, a study by eMarketer reveals that the number of smartphone users worldwide by the end of this year will be as much as 1.75 billion.

Establish a Positive Brand Across the Web

Don’t just stick to your website, diversify on the web. Create profiles on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Select platforms which your target audience has a presence on. Don’t have take on more platforms than you can handle. Positive posts and interacting with your audience will be noticed by search engines.

Organic SEO methods take time. Don’t expect to be winning in the very next month. Keep at it and you will see an improvement.



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