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Today’s video and blog is not about tactics and new technique/strategy. It’s about mindset. Are you playing defensively or offensively….are you being proactive or reactive!!


Why It’s the Best Time To Be a Small Business

Social media and online marketing is one of the biggest opportunity for small businesses. Previously it use be that big companies can buy radio, TV or magazine ads. Online marketing made it affordable and reachable for small businesses. It also enabled small players to play alongside big brands. Before you cannot post a big ad next to national brand, but you can have a better optimized campaign and beat them to it. Now you can achieve great things with a small budget to compete against big brands in your industry.


“Businesses Who Are Looking At Social Media and Online Media as Gateway Drug, are reaping full benefits. Business Owners Who Are Hating The Fact They Need To Change Their Marketing & Try New Things Like Video etc. Are Laggards and Getting Crushed”


Which side of the fence you are on? Are you a business owner who will jump on this opportunity and take full advantage of it or you will hate the fact you need to change your customer acquisition strategy again. Also, doing it in half assed way also doesn’t help. Means you don’t get a six pack by going to gym every once in a while. It requires consistency, dedication and sacrifice. Social media and new digital/online media is similar you have to be….

  • Proactive…Be offensive!!
  • Committed…Results don’t just come in 1 day!!
  • Consistent…Being consistent builds momentum = results!!
  • Persistent…Start is always tough, so stay firm!!


In order to achieve great results, if you are defensive, reactive and just catching on with everyone….you will be not just be able to take advantage this amazing opportunity.




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