Leadership is the most influential and critical element of all businesses. Effective leaders have the necessary tools and skills to inspire and impact their teams allowing firms to run competently and smoothly. As a good leader, you should understand the mission statements, objectives, actions plans and goals of the company to be able to lead your workforce into realizing them.



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Highlighted below are benefits of a good leader in a business venture:

  • Improved productivity of the workforce
  • Improved ability to succeed under pressure
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved charisma and seriousness in business operations
  • Growth in confidence in your team
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Increased awareness of diversity in the workforce
  • Improved innovation and creativeness
  • Dependable, reliable and competent workforce


Role of Good Leadership in Business Success

It is indisputable that good leadership plays a major role in achieving success in a business venture. All that your business venture is today and all that it will be tomorrow is a result of your leadership in directing the course your business will take. An expert in leadership Warren Bennis said, “A business short on capital can borrow money and one with poor location can move but a business short on leadership has little chance of survival”. This is just to emphasize the importance of good leadership in success of your business.

As a leader, you have to influence, motivate, communicate and energize your followers to bring the best from them for betterment of your business entity. You literally make things happen which otherwise could not have happened in your absence.

As a leader, you are the catalyst for the success of your business venture. This is because as the leader you challenge the status quo of your workforce to make them think and do things differently. You also enable them to be vision driven and thus work hard towards achieving the vision of the company.

As a leader, you determine the directions your team is going to take. You are the goal setter as well as the goal getter. This in mind, you have to position yourself in such a way that the team will work together with you from moving the company where it is to where it ought to be.

As a leader, you are also a revolutionary in your business. You face the reality and have to mobilize the necessary resources to achieve the objectives and goals of the company. You also have to encourage your team to mobilize the resources that they are endowed with towards achieving a common goal. You must possess the necessary skills and competence to leave a footprint in the minds of your workforce that cannot be erased. This way you will be ensured that even in your business the operations of your business will not be thwarted but there will be a continued smooth flow of operations.

John Maxwell, leadership expert stipulates five levels of leadership

  • The positional leader
  • The relational leader
  • The result oriented leader
  • The people development leader
  • The respected leader

It is upon you to claim the leadership style that works best for you and your business. It is crystal clear that you cannot succeed without embracing efficient and effective leadership in your business operations.  Whether it is a start business or a corporate entity, effective leadership is key in success of the business.

As a leader, you must master the art of teamwork. You must learn that all the members of the team are important to achieving the company goals and should be treated with respected and rewarded accordingly.

In business, you will learn new things everyday and you should be able to incorporate to your operations. You also assess yourself on a regular basis so that you can improve on areas that are wanting as well as adjust accordingly to match the changing times in the business world. When you know that your ideas and decisions will write the future of your business you will do all it takes to ensure that you get it right.

As I conclude, your ethical standards in running your business should be constant and unwavering. This is the only way you will influence your workforce to follow the same ethical standards all year round for greater good of the entire company.