B2B Lead Generation

Leads are part of the broader lifecycle that consumers follow when they transition from visitor to customer. Not all leads are created equal (nor are they qualified the same). There are different types of leads based on how they are qualified and what lifecycle stage they’re in.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Marketing qualified leads are contacts who’ve engaged with your marketing team’s efforts but aren’t ready to receive a sales call. An example of an MQL is a contact who fills out a landing page form for an offer.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales qualified leads are contacts who’ve taken actions that expressly indicate their interest in becoming a paying customer. An example of an SQL is a contact who fills out a form to ask a question about your product or service.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Product qualified leads are contacts who’ve used your product and taken actions that indicate interest in becoming a paying customer. PQLs typically exist for companies who offer a product trial or a free or limited version of their product with options to upgrade, which is where your sales team comes in. An example of a PQL is a customer who uses your free version but engages or asks about features that are only available upon payment.

Service Qualified Lead

Service qualified leads are contacts or customers who’ve indicated to your service team that they’re interested in becoming a paying customer. An example of a service qualified lead is a customer who tells their customer service representative that they’d like to upgrade their product subscription; at this time, the customer service representative would up-level this customer to the appropriate sales team or representative.

Lead generation is a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to eventually making a purchase. Lead generation occurs after you’ve attracted an audience and are ready to convert those visitors into leads. So if you are looking for the best strategies to be successful, we have compiled some B2B Lead generation tips for businesses based in Edmonton.

Focus on Your Website

Delivering a large volume of traffic to your website, presenting the opportunity for lead conversion, all of the good work can be undone if prospects arrive at your website and are left feeling uninspired and underwhelmed. Do not allow this final hurdle to be the barrier preventing the increased flow of B2B leads into your business sales cycle. Aim for a web design template which is clean, engaging and progressive. And here are some amazing features that will help you in building authority and get you leads:


Case studies




Active social media feed

Recent blog updates

The subconscious effects of including these will instil confidence and trust in your brand, helping to grow the likeliness of conversion through professional appeal. Here are some features that will help your conversion rates:



 Welcome mat

 Exit-intent popup

Discount promotions and limited-time offers

 Visible call-to-actions

 Contact form

 Demonstration invitation

 Contact number

 Highlight email address

 Interactive feature

 Freemium Version / Free-Trial / Sample

Focus on Your Website

Your website also needs to be optimised for mobile and tablet devices or you are set to miss out on a large proportion of leads. Here’s how you create a website journey:

Highlight the unique selling point(s)

Internal linking throughout

Provide clear access to all information needed

Display pricing plan

Clarify the call-to-action

It is also essential to consider the response time of your website as this will directly correlate to conversions.

Try Content Marketing

Try Content Marketing

Utilizing content marketing to its fullest is one of the best B2B Lead generation tips for Edmonton businesses that have interesting content to share: articles, videos and so on. To make it work you should do very profound research to know what kind of language you should use; what content your clients would enjoy; whom they listen to etc. Learn your target group and provide them with a high-quality copy. This will provide you with great search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. SEO is about increasing page views in a typically untargeted way so that more potential leads will find your website through different search engines. Search engines can be one of the best tools for marketing any business. If you have success with SEO, you’ll gain new customers faster and essentially for free. To win the SEO game, you should have a strong content marketing strategy that provides information that your target audience will find value in. Make sure to have a strategy that’s not only best for your customers but something your team can keep up with on a consistent basis.

Tools like Ahrefs (backlink, keyword research, and competitor research) and Accuranker (keyword rank tracking) can help your business stay ahead of the game. Once you have your tools, plan, and strategy in place make sure to stay consistent. This is, unfortunately, the one thing a lot of companies fail to do, is keep at.

Repurpose Content

Breathe new life into existing content by grouping several of your hottest posts into a “Best of” list, or bundling them together for downloading. Repurpose it for different channels:

Use a well-performing blog post as a conversation topic in LinkedIn groups to get your ideas in front of a new audience and to learn what your target audience has to say about the topic.

Bundle a series of articles into a well-designed ebook and host it on a landing page with a gated download to collect fresh email addresses for new leads.

Take key statistics from a report or whitepaper, and design an infographic for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or SlideShare to expand your audience and draw new attention to existing work.

Get Active on Social Media

Believe it or not, the tools you already use to establish and promote your business in Edmonton can become B2B lead-generating machines. Social media is great for not only spreading brand awareness but also converting followers into leads. LinkedIn often provides the best source of leads for B2B marketers. However, don’t discount other social platforms, including the following:

– Facebook: Link to blog articles, post images, host giveaways, and invite people to subscribe to your newsletter.

– YouTube: Include relevant cards directing viewers back to your website. You can also include a link or two in the descriptions of your videos with appropriate CTAs.

– Instagram: Use the “Link in profile” code to direct users to the one link you’re able to provide. Giveaways and contests work particularly well for lead gen.

– Twitter: Link to articles and videos, share your clients’ good news, and get involved in conversations.

– Pinterest: Create your own boards related to your B2B niche.

All of these channels can make you a more effective B2B marketer.

Active on Social Media

Add Relevant CTAs

The call-to-action (CTA) is the backbone of any B2B lead generation campaign. It tells your visitor what you want him or her to do next. It’s kind of like parenting. If you want your child to clean up toys, you don’t expect him or her to read your mind. Instead, you say, “Susie, please pick up your toys.” A great CTA incorporates several features:

– Visibility: Make it obvious on the page. Use different colours, but the text on a button, and make the text larger than the other content on the page.

– Specifics: “Click here” doesn’t work anymore. Provide clear, complete directions for your users to follow.

– Imagery: Try to lead your viewer’s eye to the CTA. You can use images of people looking at it, for instance, or arrows pointing to the button.

Of course, you can’t use all of those features in every CTA. On social, you have limited ways to design your own CTA. However, on your own site, you get the freedom of total creative control. Here are the best practices for effective CTAs:

Keep it above the fold/scroll, and/or pin the CTA to the screen so it scrolls with the viewer.

400; text-decoration: none;”>Limit the decision-making with one, clear CTA that encourages prospects to act now.

Use the text on the button that describes the action – “Download the Ebook” or “Reserve My Seat,” rather than “Submit.”

Use visual cues, like arrows, and eyes of images pointed at the CTA to direct the viewers’ attention and the train of thought.

Get Smart With Remarketing

We can spend a lot of time and money trying to reach people who will never become leads or customers. Isn’t it smarter to focus on the people most likely to convert and convert quickly? Concentrate on the users who have shown interest in your products. It’ll be easier for you to convince them to purchase. That’s what remarketing does. They will “follow” these people as they browse the internet. This is an effective way to reach out to them and gently remind them of your brand.

Remarketing takes many forms. Let’s look at some of the most effective.

People Who Bought This, Also…

You’ve likely seen this on Amazon. It’s incredibly effective. Use retargeting to track pages that a person has visited. Show them similar items or the item they were looking at in:


Social media ads

Websites that allow remarketing (done through Ads)

Because they recognize the item or your brand, they’re so much more likely to see the ad and click it.

Oops! Looks Like You Forgot Your Cart

It’s so easy for people to get distracted online. This is even more common with B2B. They’re often researching products and services while at work. Remarket with:

A friendly email reminder


A shipping or other discount (if they abandoned after seeing final price)

Abandoned cart emails have a 40% open rate. This is prime time to redirect a buyer who got distracted.

You Stopped Watching. Don’t Miss the Best Part

You can even use remarketing to redirect someone who started watching a video on your website. B2B buyers who finish a branded video are 77% more likely to buy. Send them a friendly reminder through email or a remarketing ad.

Use Remarketing

Offer a Free Assessment, Trial, or Demo

Free offers are a great way for you to learn more about your prospects’ likes and dislikes, their immediate and secondary goals, and their challenges and pain points. Here are a few tips for creating a great free offer:

Provide a link to an assessment that helps prospects understand if your product is right for them.

Give a demo that offers some immediate value but is only a taste of what you have to offer.

Offer an introductory trial that gets customers over the threshold of buying and provides them with an easy way to continue buying.

Allow time and space for feedback so you can keep learning.

Create Amazing Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a piece of content or other tools that you use to incentivize potential leads to interact with your brand. In other words, you’re trading the valuable piece of content for something you want, like the user’s email address. The best lead magnets offer value far and beyond what you might post on your blog. Ideally, they’re immediately useful for your target audience. Some of the most effective lead magnets include the following:


In-depth case studies

Tools and calculators

Free demos for your app

Free trials for your software

Report or white paper

Whatever you choose, make sure you can pinpoint its value during the lead-generation process.

For instance, let’s say that you’re giving away an in-depth case study that helped one of your clients increase sales by 322%. That’s pretty impressive. Using that number (322%) increases the chances of your prospect of becoming a leader. The user wants to know how he or she can generate similar results. Making bold claims and using impressive data points are both excellent B2B lead generation tips. Just be sure you can back up your offer with solid information.

Provide Instant Support

Another one on the list of B2B lead generation tips is responding to people quickly. Everyone loves instant answers to their queries. Integrate a live chat solution to your website. It can be used as a great lead generation tool which helps you in converting your website traffic into customers. There will be visitors who have questions like “How’s your product going to help them?” You can answer these questions in the FAQ section, but there can be more customized queries. And they may want to connect to a real person rather than the FAQ section. Also, a FAQ section answers only specific queries, but with live chat, you can answer all the queries and then refer the package according to customer needs.

Digital Marketing

How is B2B lead generation different from B2C?

B2B and B2C marketing share lots of the same fundamental goals and strategies. However, a major ingredient in the equation – the target audience – vastly differs between the two.

For instance, when you’re creating buyer personas for your content marketing strategy, you likely focus more on your target audience’s professional needs and goals. A B2C marketer focuses more on personal traits. Additionally, when you’re coming up with potential lead sources, you’ll likely consider corporate-related materials and channels.

For instance, LinkedIn might become a more effective social channel for lead generation than Twitter if you’re targeting a B2B audience. Similarly, you’ll probably create lead magnets and other assets related to helping your target client resolve work-related pain points.

The key to B2B lead generation is to give your prospects more ways to discover you. Diversify your marketing touchpoints and magnetize your value proposition. Though most page views don’t represent a user who is ready to buy, when you give useful information and new ideas, you can be rewarded with interest. That keeps interested parties filling your pipeline and thinking of you when they’re ready to buy. Now, get out there and start employing these B2B Lead generation tips for businesses. Adopting the most effective strategy can be a frustrating and demanding task. It is a long process to perfect, but with the appropriate research, planning, techniques and tools, you can achieve the volume and quality of leads required to improve your sales results, meet your targets and grow as a business. If you think you can’t devote the time, we will help you do it. Outsource your business’s marketing to us, and we will make the most of the best B2B lead generation tips.