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For B2B brands (IT Companies, SAAS & Technology Companies) the appointments still represents the preferred method of communication for potential customers. But these days, your customers are everywhere. It’s a full-time job trying to manage dozens upon dozens of marketing channels, track results, shift budget, etc.

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We take the risk and complexities out of getting new customers. Instead, we simply ask that you answer the phone when we make it ring. Sound too good to be true? We’ve been generating exclusive, inbound phone leads for 8 years!

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Gone are the days you could write a check for a phone book ad once a year and then forget about your marketing expenses. These days, you need to be tracking everything you do and you need to be making informed decisions based on accurate data.


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Multicultural Marketing and its importance

Multicultural Marketing and its importance

Source: Marketoonist Multicultural marketing refers to targeting potential customers by ethnicity. In recent years, some marketers have argued that the rise of multicultural marketing is the next enormous wave for the industry. Multicultural marketing is an important...

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