Today, a website is the front window of your business. This is especially true if your business is an e-commerce or B2B one. Before a potential customer can even get in touch with your business, it is your website that will carry out the communication, branding and convincing. There is a lot that goes into a website creation and even the smallest details will have an effect on it. There are four common mistakes which website designers fall for and could be the reason behind the low traffic on your website.

1.      Poor Navigation

Your visitor should be able to easily access content on your website. A website that has poor navigation is not divided properly into a variety of sections. Your visitors need to know where to find information and the site should have various pages and a search engine to find them.

Adding to poor navigation is having too many pages, links and tabs on your website. This will result in your visitor having a tiring clicking experience. Every click is an action point which pushes the visitor to think and decide. Decide on actions you want your visitors to take and highlight them. Also, websites which utilise scrolling are becoming popular since they provide a lot of the content on a single page.

2.      No Priority for a Mobile Website

More and more users are accessing the internet through their mobile devices rather than their computers. In the years to come, users accessing the net through mobiles will overshadow computer users.

A mobile website is responsive and able to fit within the screen of a mobile device. As a business owner, you should aim to create your mobile website first and then, build the conventional site. A mobile website needs to be very focused on scrolling and you need to keep the clicking to a minimum. A responsive website is one that loads within 3 seconds, if it doesn’t, your mobile user will leave the page. This means your website can’t contain any heavy elements.

3.      Crafting Content Incorrectly

You want to craft content which connects with your audience. It would be a mistake to use complex jargons that would baffle your readers. The content needs to be helpful and hold some value for them.

Also, you want to present your content in an easy-to-read manner. If your page is stuffed with words, it won’t look inviting to read. Add a few pictures with the content you put up. A big website problem is over-doing the content. You don’t want to have too much content. Avoid repeating topics and don’t create content just for the sake of creating it.

4.      No Call to Action

Almost every page on your site should have a call to action. If the page is presenting products, you want the ‘Buy Now’ button to stand out. Even if the page is providing information, subtly add a call to action. Website visitors like to be directed and a call to action does just that.

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