Last Episode #  👩‍💻 Renowned Marketer & Creative Genius Eric Cheng from 12 Creative chops it up with us on The Business Growth School 📊           📊 There has never been a better time to sell value-added products and services at value-added prices than today! However, there has never been a time at which there was a greater propensity to push products and services down to the commodity level. 📲 What’s a typical sale like for your company? Do your sales people struggle to peddle your product or service in a saturated market? Do you sell customers on the benefits you can deliver, only to have them make a decision based on price? Or, are your company’s products actively sought out by consumers who are willing to pay a premium price just to do business with you? ✅ The ability to achieve premium, or value-added, prices hinges on a company’s ability to develop its brand identity. To create a successful brand, you must first understand where your company is in the market  
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