Analytics is your SEO weighing scale. It tells you how effective your SEO strategy is, and if you are able to achieve your objectives. Add to that, analytics is not only a litmus test for your SEO strategy, but also gives you vital insight into the behavior of your customers. It can reaffirm something you already knew about them, raze a customer behavior assumption you have, or inform you of something you didn’t know about your customers. All of these open up new opportunities for you.

What the Keywords are Driving Traffic?

Take a look at the top pages that have high traffic rates.

– What do they offer?

– What are the keywords that are driving the traffic to these pages?

This will give you a good idea of why visitors are arriving on your site. For example, if you have a restaurant site, you find that your content with stories on various new foods drives traffic. This tells you that your visitors love the foodie stories your site comes up with. Additionally, check the keywords that allow your page to feature on the search result.

These are the keywords and content you need to capitalize on and drive forward on your site. Content and keywords that are hit and misses are ones to be avoided.

Learn from your Competitors

Your competitors too can give you unique SEO opportunities. A bit of research will open them up. Conduct a search of keyword phrases popular among your customers. Visit the links of your competitors. Run an analytical tool on them for keyworddensity and styling.

– Take a look at their headers, titles, URL mentions and anchor links.

– Note the keyword density and synonyms.

– Analyze their link building – the type of internal and external links they use.

This is will give you vital data on what is working for your competitors so you can improve and replicate it.

Opportunities in Google Property

Google Property can be found in the Geographical Summary part in Google Analytics. It gives information on the various mediums your links can be found in.

It will inform you which channels are driving traffic and if you need to improve in other areas. For example, in spite of mobile optimizing your site, your mobile traffic is not high. This maybe because your mobile optimization is not good enough.

Similarly, you may not be driving your visuals forward well enough, hence you’re missing out the image and video SEO opportunities that suits your business.

Create a ROI based on Conversation Rates

The ultimate aim of SEO is to get visitors and have them convert.

– Determine how much traffic you and your competitors are getting through various keyword phrases.

– Compare them with your conversation rates. This comparison will be different for various products, services, sales cycle and industries.

What you come up is a set of keyword phrases that will drive your conversation rates forward.

These are directives you have to keep refreshing every few months or so. The only way to stay on top of SEO is to keep renewing your strategy and find new opportunities.