A sitemap details out all the pages on your website. It is not there for your customers, but for search engines. If your website is well designed, your customers will never have to refer to the site map, rather the navigation bar should be more than enough.

With a sitemap, a search engine can refer to one single place on your website and know about all the pages on it. Then they send crawlers to each one. As your website develops by adding or removing pages, the crawlers inform the search engine and this information is indexed.

Sitemap is another factor that will improve your SEO rank if you decide to include it on your website.

Sitemap and webmasters


Generate a Sitemap

Generating a sitemap is easy. You don’t have to ask your website coder or designer to create one. There are many online sites that will help you create a sitemap yourself.

– Visit a Sitemap Generator.

– Insert your website URL in the correct location.

– Depending on how frequently you update your website, you will want to choose the Frequency from Monthly, Weekly, Daily to Hourly.

– Click on Start

– You will have to wait 5 to 10 minutes as the Sitemap Generator crawls through your website and catalogs all the pages.

– Once it is done, you can download the sitemap that will be in an XML formal and upload it to your site.

Sitemap on Bing

When dealing with Bing Webmaster Tool, you have to first verify your website ownership. You have three options.

– Upload the XML sitemap on your web servers

– Copy-paste your meta tag on your default page

– Add your site’s CNAME record to DNS

Depending on your technical know-how, you can choose any of these options. Obviously, the first one is the easiest. Once you get your sitemap up, you can submit it to Bing for verification.

Sitemap on Google

Google gives you the same and more options as Bing.

– Add a HTML tag to your site’s homepage

– You can also complete the process using the domain name provider

Google will give you a HTML verification file that you will have to upload on your site.

Make it Easy for Crawlers

By having a sitemap, you make it easy for search engine crawlers to navigate through your website. Crawlers are bots that allow the search engine to index vast amounts of web links on the internet. The reason search engines are so fast in finding information for users is because everything is indexed.

The sitemap is very important if you want the search engine to index your latest blog post or inventory product as soon as possible.

Improve Analytic

Additionally, it is not just the search engines that benefit. It will help any analytical tool keep track of all the pages, content and inventory on your website. This way, nothing will be missed out on.

There are many SEO factors that can help boost your SERPS. Sitemap is one of them and not one you should ignore.