YouTube Ads Guide

In the age of digital marketing, it has become very easy to promote your business and reach the audience. Also, it has become very important to promote your business through a digital medium. Your competitors and many other businesses are making progress in their business with the help of the internet, so why are you staying behind? You can make your own website and pages on social media to promote your business. Once you have made your existence on the internet, you will need to evaluate and promote your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the easiest and cheapest way to promote or evaluate your business, but there are some other tools, too that are proven more helpful. Google Adwords and YouTube ads are such tools that can promote your business more effectively than SEO. So let’s dive deeper and understand everything about Adwords and YouTube ads.


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertising solution delivered to the digital world by Google. Promotion of your business is done through Google Search, YouTube,  websites and various other platforms across the web. Google Adwords gives you the power to customize your ads according to your needs. You will be able to choose specific goals; like if you need to make the audience to call your shop, visit your shop or visit your website. You will have to set a budget cap for the advertisements, and you can also adjust your budget cap during the ad campaign. You can also pause your advertisement display between the campaign if you want to. These are some of the best benefits you get when you opt for Google Adwords.

Working of Adwords

Google Adwords takes the help of keywords that are put into an emphasis on your business promotions. When the specific keywords are searched by some users on the search engine, Google Adwords displays the related Adwords results above everything else. Below the search results, you will see “AD” written in a green box to indicate that the search is promoted by Adwords. To display your ads through Google Adwords, first of all, you will have to choose a specific goal. The specific goal means what you want the customers to do; visit or call at your place, or visit your website. Then you will choose the area-wise location according to your business for audience reach. Lastly, you will get your ad ready for display and make your budget. All this procedure will lead to showcase your ad on the search results whenever someone searches related keywords.

Benefits of Using Adwords

Until now, you would have gotten to know how fruitful Adwords is for your business. But there are still plenty of beneficial features that you should know about for utilizing the Adwords to the fullest.

Helps Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keywords are an integral part of Google Adwords. Your business promotions and advertisements rely heavily on keywords. You need to focus on keywords alongside your content too. Conduct good research about the keywords that are searched more for and can be inserted in your content. There are types of keyword matching systems that you can choose from to have an apt promotion. The keyword systems are called Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match and Exact Match. Every keyword systems have their own algorithm of matching keywords with your ads.

Aids PPC or CPC Efforts

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is one of the best benefits in Google Adwords. In pay-per-click, you are only charged on the basis of clicks you get on your advertisement. When your advertisement on the internet is clicked by someone or your website gets visited through it, you are then charged a small fee by Google. On a minimal amount of charge fees, you would be able to gain a good profit. To create a PPC campaign, a lot of hectic research goes in from finding keywords to making the perfect landing page.

Works Faster than SEO

An SEO gives you results on organic ranking and it will consume a lot of time to make it at the top position. But you want results when you need them, so better you should go with Google Adwords. Adwords provides results immediately if done appropriately. Both methods have competition in it, but one benefit of Adwords that SEO cannot provide is optimizing your content, which can then help your on-page or off-page SEO. Google Adwords is able to optimize your keywords, landing pages, and ad copy. The optimization helps you to refine your content. This helps to give a boost to your business and puts the campaign on the right track.

Tips for Google AdWords

These are some vital tips that we are providing for you to check up on and imply for your benefits:

Remove Negative Keywords

Removing negative keywords is one of the best features provided by Google Adwords. The keywords that are not much reliable for the optimization of ads are found by the Adword. But for Google Adword to find the negative keywords, you would have to insert in the option about what is not your product. By gaining that information, Adword will optimize the keywords that do not match your product or service and will suggest you remove them. It helps to keep the keywords to match the need of your customers and the quality or features of your product or service.

Optimize Landing Pages

The goal is not only to get recognized by the people as a brand but also to make new customers and tend them to buy your product or service. The bull’s eye will only be hit if you have a good link with your keywords, ad copy and landing pages. People get excited after seeing a good copy on an ad, so they click on it. Optimize your landing page and elaborate in it about the offers on your ads, lure the people into buying your product. Playing smoothly with landing pages can help you acquire the target easily.

Enhance Call-to-Action

If your ad is interesting, it will get noticed by the target audience. But making a good ad won’t alone give you a win-win situation. You need to add a call-to-action in your ads. It can be your business’s website, social media pages, or contact number. Because seeing a good ad will surely give them an urge to go ahead and see the product. To fulfill the urge, you are providing them with the solution rather than searching for it. So it is beneficial for them and you both.

Better Mobile Experience

Whenever working with Adwords, remember to make the ads mobile compatible. Most of the people nowadays consume their time on mobile phones. So it will be beneficial for both the business and target audience. Give mobile enhanced landing pages and links that give the mobile user an easy experience. Such hassle-free experiences on mobile phones will lead to more clicks and positive responses.

Test with Adwords

Test with Google Adwords as much as you can. It is very beneficiary to test keywords, phrases, landing pages and ad campaigns before running them permanently. Change keywords, landing pages and ad copy frequently. See to it that amongst all of them which one generates more clicks. But don’t make changes too frequent, give them efficient time to have a good test run. After that, you see the results and decide what is best for you. This will help you generate the best keywords and ad copies for your campaign.

Tracking with Adwords

Tracking is another essential thing that should not be ignored after testing. Adwords provides a tracking system that gives you all the data you need for your website. You can acquire the data through Adwords reporting, Analytics that are very vital. The effectiveness of phrases, keywords, can be easily tracked through this. You will be able to identify the keywords, phrases, landing pages and ad copy that has generated more clicks on the website and helped it rank high. Tracking will help you choose perfect techniques for your campaign and you will be able to make the most out of it.

Types of Google Ads

There are three basic types of google ad campaigns that exist:

  • Search Network Campaign – This ad shows result at the search engine page when products or services are searched related to your keywords.
  • Display Network Campaign – This campaign is image types that display on the website or app of your target customer.
  • Video Ad Campaign – In this campaign, video ads are displayed on platforms like YouTube.

These are the types of google ads that you can opt for the ad campaign. Among these three ad campaigns, YouTube is a platform that has one of the widest reaches of the audience. YouTube ads can help you to reach your target audience in wide numbers. There are many technical aspects and tips for using YouTube ads more fluently that we are going to describe further.

YouTube Ads Guide

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are a boon for people who want to promote their business on YouTube. Monthly, more than 1 billion people watch 6 billion hours of video on YouTube. The number of viewers on YouTube is increasing daily. YouTube ads started only a decade ago, but they have grown very widely. YouTube ads are one of the most used advertising mediums. The number of target audience reach that an advertisement gets on YouTube is incomparable. YouTube ads have provided various options to advertise your business in your accordance and it helps to reach the audience very quickly.

Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube has evolved over the years and has brought new changes. YouTube has done a whole makeover over the display of ads. YouTube ads provide you with various types of ads to choose from.

  1. Display Ads: Display ads appear on the right side of the video player and above the list of suggestions videos. These display ads appear only on the Desktop screen.
  2. Overlay Ads: Overlay ad is a semi-transparent ad that takes 20% portion of the video screen. This ad, too, appears only on desktops. Overlay ads are comprised of images and icons.
  3. Skippable Video Ads: These video ads play in the video player. These ads are skippable after they are played for 5 seconds. It can be inserted in the beginning, during, or at the end of the video.
  4. Non-skippable Video Ads: You are not able to skip these ads. You will have to watch the full video ad. These video ads are inserted in the beginning, during, or at the end of the video.
  5. Bumper Cards: Bumper cards are 6 seconds of video ads that are viewed before seeing the video. You can’t skip it and have to watch the whole ad.
  6. Sponsored Cards: These ad cards are sponsored and appear during the video. The ad cards can be related to your video with the products featured in the video. It appears in the upper right corner of the video for a short time.

Video Requirements and Disapprovals

YouTube ads have given the guide on the parameters of uploading an ad on YouTube. All the requirements and disapprovals are listed down.

  • Video length: The video ad length should be kept in mind when making them. YouTube has put a limit on every ad that we are not allowed to exceed. Non-skippable video ads cannot have a length of more than 15 to 20 seconds. And there is no length limit on Skippable video ads.
  • Format: YouTube has kept some video formats to upload the videos. YouTube has a guide not to upload mp3 or any other audio file as that won’t be compatible. You have to upload the videos in the given format.
  • Copyright: YouTube abides by the law of copyrights and restricts any copyright violation content. Any unauthorized person is restricted from copying, using, or providing access to any copyrighted content for their ads.
  • Third-Party Ad Serving: Only some users are allowed for third-party serving. Even those who are using third-party serving need to meet the standard of sets that are made by YouTube ads. All third-party creatives need to comply with Google’s image ad policies.

Content Guidelines

YouTube ads have some guidelines for the ads to be put up for the campaign. There are some rules that are set by the YouTube that everyone follows. Listing down below are the YouTube Ads guidelines that everyone has to obey.


Obscene language is restricted to use in the YouTube ads. You cannot use profanity or vulgar representations in the thumbnail of a video. Even frequent use of strong profanity with beep is also restricted. Keep in check with the kind of language you write. Don’t get stuck with such issues; make your ads clean and straight.

Adult Content

Adult content and violence are aspects that are not suitable for kids. Even YouTube restrict people from making advertisement for the target audience aged below 13 years of age. YouTube restricts graphic violence and video ads that promote violence. Violence is allowed in bits and parts, but where the main focus is blood and gory violence, that type of videos are banned. Sexual content is also restricted to portray in the ads. Only limited non-graphic sexual education videos are permitted.

Hateful Content

Contents that display strong comments and hate over anyone else are not welcomed on YouTube. YouTube does not tolerate hateful comments against any race, caste, nation, religion, gender, age, or any other characteristics that are related to any discrimination in society. Satire and comic content are allowed to some extent.

Drug-Related Content

Any content that promotes illegal drugs by displaying its uses, or trying to sell it or abusing illegal drugs is not permitted on YouTube. Videos that discuss drugs for any documentary, educational, or artistic purpose are not restricted. But those glorifying it will be. Even the content that promotes tobacco or tobacco related products like cigarettes or pipes is restricted.

Firearms Content

Firearms are something that can lead to violence. And YouTube does not support violence provoking content, so the promotion and glorifying of ammunition in the content is restricted. Promoting various parts of ammunition is also restricted.

Controversial Content

There are sometimes where a company makes an ad on some heated issue and later, it creates big problems for them. When making an advertisement, make sure you do not touch any controversial or sensitive issue that may lead to a big problem for your business. Topics like wars, deaths, sexual abuse, conflicts and terrorism should be avoided.

YouTube Ads Tips

YouTube Ad formats

As stated above, there are various YouTube ad formats that are available to choose from. You should be wise enough to choose the one that best suits your business and the kind of promotions you want to do. On YouTube, it is not necessary for you to make only video ads. You can opt for sponsored cards, display ads, or overlay ads too. Be wise and choose accordingly, the right one will make your ad get recognized by many.

Audience Targeting

Just the same way you target audience when advertising through google or facebook, you can target the audience on YouTube too. Choose the target audience in the YouTube ads’ target options; then, you will be able to show your ad to the specific target audience. When you have paid the money for your campaign, then utilize it adequately. Why get unwanted traffic of the people who won’t even be interested in your products. YouTube ads provide great flexibility for the target audience, so use it and customize the audience.


Remarketing is one of the most effective advertising tools which is used by Google Adwords too. Remarketing can also be used in the YouTube advertising. Remarketing is a simple process where your visitors are followed by you with your advertisement. On the base of your viewers and subscribers, you can target the YouTube audience for remarketing. You can also target the audience for remarketing who have visited your website or specific pages. Remarketing is very easy to set up, and once it is done, you then only need to track your audience.

Compelling Content

There are so many ad contents on the internet that we see everyday. People don’t remember every ad that is put on the internet. To make people remember your advertisement, you need to make it more compelling. The ad should have a unique feature that kicks in the people’s minds and stick in them to make people recognize your business. The story of a video ad can be heart touching withholding a good message or can be funny enough for the people to laugh. If it’s an ad copy, then make sure the audience is attracting towards it.


You not only want people to recognize your product and brand. But the main goal of advertising campaigns is getting clicks and making people buy your products or services. Whichever ad campaign you run may it be bumper ads, in-stream videos, display ads, or overlay ads, you need to put in a call to action. The audience should go to the link you provided. If that is done, then your ad campaign will be called successful. On the ads, you can provide links to your business website or social media accounts.

Ad Testing

YouTube ads are indeed a good place to generate leads and increase your business. But all these can only happen when the ads are made good enough to be attractive and are able to get the clicks on your website. Before running a permanent ad campaign on YouTube, you can test different ad-formats like in Google Adwords. Try every ad-format, run them for a significant amount of time and check which ad-format is generating more clicks on your website. Then selecting the right one will keep you more ahead in the competition.

Analyze the Ad Campaigns

Once you have started your ad campaign, the real work begins. As you have just begun with the ads so you will come to know about various improvisations that are vital to make. To catch the mistakes, you will have to study your YouTube ad metrics to know-how the ad campaign is performing. You will get notified about the issues that your campaign has. That’s how you will get to know what is getting wrong and what you need to improve. To have a more efficient analysis of your ad campaign, you must use YouTube Analytics. YouTube analytics will provide you most of the information about your campaigns. And you can turn on the automatic reporting system where the reports will be emailed to you.

Here we have explained thoroughly how Google Adwords and YouTube ads can help you maintain and grow your business effectively. These are some of the best tips and suggestions for you to run your ad campaign without any interruptions. We hope that you would have understood the purpose of Google Adwords and YouTube Ads. You should start implying these tools and suggestions to promote your business if you haven’t yet. Make the most out of it.