The essence of any brand is the ability to tell a story. If your content is not telling a story, then your business is not connecting on an emotional level with your customers. A story is more engaging than any fact or information you put forward to convince them.

It is stories that have immortalized historical events and characters. Troy, Julius Caesar and Black Beard are stories that seek to entertain first and provide information second.


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So how do you turn your content strategy around, and into one that tells stories?


This is not research about the product or service you are selling, this is about researching your audience. Know who are they and their behavior in every manner possible.

– Where do they spend their time?

– What information do they need?

– What sort of language appeals to them?

Run surveys, look at your Google and social media metrics and actually talk to your customers. Find out everything possible!

Build a Story

Create a story that you think suits your business brand. Large brands like Apple or Nike have website content that clearly reflects the story they want to tell.

You have three options when it comes to telling a story – tell a story about the brand, on a customer or both. Your story needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

How does this translate on your website? Let’s take the example if your business was a phone manufacturer.

– Joe needs a phone to make his life more productive, but not paralyze him with too much connectivity. [Home Page]

– Joe is able to gets Phone X and find discovers so many features that increase his productivity. [Features Page]

– How Joe was able to get Phone X. [Buy Page]

This is an example where you tell a story through a customer. You spread the story through all your web pages.

Specific pages like About Us will be just build a story on who you are.

Add more Detail

Initially, you will start out with a story outline that can be applied to your content strategy. You need to expand and build on it. No one cares about a story of a person who went out for a walk and buys Phone X. What is interesting is how Phone X boosts this person’s productivity at the office and even gives him more time with the family.

Expand the story you are telling and don’t hesitate to make it a bit complex, your audience will appreciate it.

Distribute it

You do not just tell the story of your brand on your website. The story should reflect in your blogs, your social media content, emails and other online marketing. As you distribute your content and story, you will build further on it. Just remember to keep your core brand story the same.

At the end of the day your content strategy should give your audience a story to connect to. If your marketing or content team can’t tell a story, then you need to rethink where your business is headed.