Link building is a key element in Accounting Firm SEO and getting genuine links influences SERPs ranking. In order to get links, you need to develop content on a regular basis. But this is not the only option available to you. You can create content that keeps earning link even after you’ve stopped promoting them. So how do you create such content for your accounting business? To answer your question here’s what you should be doing.

Research and Provide New Data


When it comes to creating your accounting content, make sure you provide unique information to your users. Your content can talk about new taxation policies, latest mergers or acquisitions, financial condition of the economy, and other latest topics that relate to your services. This way your content does revolve around something that is new in the market. In order to create such content, you need to carry out intensive research.

Content that features research helps you get authoritative links. The reason being that the information you provide in your content is not available elsewhere. Moreover, your content can be syndicated to other websites and this allows you to get a large number of backlinks to your accounting website. When your content is published on a popular website, then it is seen by a large audience. Additionally, if there is another website that views your content, then it will publish your accounting article linking to your content. The same process is then extended and thus, your researched content keeps getting more links. Furthermore, since your content is well researched, the statistical data that you provide has more relevance and so link building become easy.

Curate Your Content

In case you find researching your content is a time-consuming process, then you can perform content curation. What is content curation? It is a process of collecting relevant information for a particular topic and sharing it. Curated resource content can be influential in link building for your accounting website. According to Curata, which is a content marketing platform, 25% of your content should be curated. The remaining 75% should be allocated to 10% syndication and 65% should be from scratch.

Using statistical data is a common application for curated content. You can combine data from credible sources in one big compilation. However, you need to update your content with new data whenever it is available. Make use of infographics to illustrate your stats to make it shareable. This way you also save your reader’s time and make it easy for them to understand your information. When people find your information credible and relevant, then it helps in link building for your accounting website.

Using Industry Trends and Reports


When you use industry trends and reports, you engage with all the companies in the industry. As an accounting firm, you can specify about topics relating to financial markets, taxation policies, and other financial figures. Such topics are related to all sector of the economy and so companies will be looking for such information to analyze its impact on their operations. Additionally, if they want to show these trends on their blogs or reports, then they are more likely to link to your report in order to provide context. In fact, if you start providing these reports, then companies will expect further releases from you and hence, you get this additional benefit of getting your content promoted. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report for 2016, it has reported over 495 Root Domain links. The report contains survey data from thousands of HubSpot customers and is published annually. There is a high possibility that the report for this year too will receive as many links as compared to 2016. Hence, accounting firms have this distinct advantage of coming up with these reports that can be used by multiple industries. In fact, you can come up with multiple reports for each industry category as well. For example, “service tax implication” on hotels, transport, retail, and other industries. Another example can be about “net worth of companies” or “payroll report” based on specific industries.

Use Quality Infographics

Using quality infographics helps other people to promote your content. The more shareable your content, the more links it will get. By using quality infographics it allows you to create brand awareness and grow your traffic. Infographics are instrumental in grabbing the attention of your reader and hence, they should be appealing. When you have an infographic that is quite popular, then provide an embed code for your audience to freely share it on their website. This way you’ll get links back to your website. Ensure that you use a large infographic that is easily readable when viewed in full-screen. As long as your embed code is correctly modified, your infographic itself will be a link to your accounting website.


Create Beginner Content

When you create content for learners or at beginner’s level, they are more likely to be used as a link. This is because when websites provide content on certain topics, they are more likely to link the basic concepts and ideas instead of explaining it to your audience. For example, a website is talking about “market slowdown leads to higher level of inventory with companies.” Now if a person is unaware of what an inventory is then this article will hyperlink the word “inventory” to an article that explains in detail about what an inventory is. Similarly, if an article speaks about “liquidity crunches in manufacturing sector”, then here “liquidity” can be explained in more detailed by adding a link to a website that describes liquidity concept clearly. Another reason for hyperlinking such text is because it saves the person from explaining the concept in their own words which may lack expert explanation.

Therefore, you can create content that gives detailed information about basic accounting concepts such as capital budgeting, inventory control system, cost accounting, assets and liabilities, revenue recognition and others. Use the phrase such as “What is” before you explain these concepts. The benefit of using these phrases may allow search engines to rank your accounting topics higher. The reason being that when a user types “what is capital budgeting”, then there is a likely chance your website may rank on top of SERPs unless your competitor’s are also doing the same.

In case there are multiple topics related to accounting terms that already exist, then consider creating content that revolves around those terms or emerging topics in bookkeeping and accounting. You can find those questions with the help of Bloomberry which search for questions asked on forums such as Reddit and Quora. You just need to enter the search like “accounts” and also mention the time-frame like, questions asked in the past month. The list will show accounts questions for the last month. Furthermore, you can even exclude and include specific sources and filter your search by country as well.

These are some ways to create content that keeps earning links over time. Apart from these, promoting your content is also an effective way to link building. Promoting your content gives more visibility and if your content is valuable then people are more likely to link back to your accounting website. In fact, promoting your content should be a part of all the above-mentioned methods of creating your content along with choosing the right link building tools. As you have seen, creating content that earns you links regularly can be a time-consuming and an expensive process. If you are unable to manage these two factors, then it is suggested that you consult an expert content marketing firm.

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