How can you drive traffic to your accounting site and generate more leads? Well, there’s no one such answer to this question. You can drive traffic to your accounting site through multiple ways such as optimizing your website and using social media. In fact, with social media, you not only drive traffic but also enhance your social media presence. Twitter is one such platform where you can do both. If you are not well-versed with this platform, then go through this Twitter guide to help you get more clients to avail your accounting services.

Start Tweeting

You cannot open a Twitter page and sit idle. You need to start tweeting right away. The best way to engage and get more followers is to Tweet regularly, even if it’s multiple times a day. As an accounting firm, you can tweet about accounting tips for businesses and individuals. This way your message remains short and it fits in the 140 character string. However, this does not mean that you can’t tweet bigger content. You can always add links with a small description that compels your users to click on those links.

Compelling Heading

How do you create a compelling heading for your post? There are multiple things that you can do. One way is to ask your audience some questions. For example, “Did you know about this tax-saving benefit?” A person who is interested in saving tax would certainly want to know about this benefit and is, therefore, more likely to click on the link. Hence, when you ask a question, it should generate curiosity to know more and so readers will click on your accounting link. Also, keep your tweets short as tweets under 100 characters get a high interaction rate. If your tweet has a link, then you need to come up with another heading for your tweet. Be creative and come up with a different heading from the one on your blog. So when you tweet next time, ask yourself whether the heading is proactive (that is to compel readers to click on your link). Another thing you can do is to add statistics. You can stand out from the rest of tweets on a person’s timeline if your headline includes numbers. For example, “Outsourcing accounting services saves 15% on your expenses” or “3 in every 5 organizations have poor bookkeeping practices.”

It’s not possible to create a headline with all these factors always. Sometimes even one factor should be enough depending on how good your headline and content is.

 Add Hashtags

According to Expanded Rambling, tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than others. When you tweet, only your followers can see it unless your followers retweet it and their followers can also view your content. Through hashtags, you can reach to a large audience. Using hashtags on Twitter provides a great way for your accounting firm to connect with users beyond your followers. If you want to promote a particular blog, you can create your own hashtag as well. Self-created hashtags can be used for all your tweets along with other hashtags. For example, if the name of your company is ATS Ltd., then you can add #ATS in all your tweets so that people begin to talk about your firm.

If you are unsure about creating your own hashtag, then you can use general hashtags. These hashtags are seen by other Twitter users searching for the same topic. For example, when it’s time to file your tax returns, you can use commonly used hashtags such as #tax2017, #tax or #taxreturns and others. Now when a user looks for these topics, he may get to see your tweet as well. A critical point when it comes to some hashtags is that they trend only for a specific period of time. So you need to quickly identify what’s trending on Twitter and accordingly use those hashtags to boost traffic to your blogs. In order to find the right hashtag, you can visit or find out what hashtags the expert accountants (influencers) are using for their tweets. If you have sufficient space to fit in another hashtag, then do so but only if it’s relevant to your tweet or target audience. It is recommended that you do not use more than three hashtags in your tweet.

Use @Mentions

Through @mentions, you can tag Twitter users in your tweets. You need to type “@username” to tag them. This way you can directly send your tweet to the person you tag. You can also tag users on comments and other user’s tweet too. This feature is helpful to start a social conversation and engage with your followers, influencers and even your competitors. In fact, when you mention other users on your post, they may even start following your accounting page and even retweet your tweets to their followers. Thus, your reach increases.

Use Images and Videos

Your tweets would look boring if you only had texts. Therefore, use appealing images and create video content for your accounting page. Moreover, you can provide more information through images and videos instead of limited texts characters. Also, you can add multiple images in one tweet. According to a study by Buffer, tweets with images receive 89% more favorites, 18% more clicks and 150% more tweets. You can upload images that have short infographics or quotes from industry experts in your visual tweets.

Be Human

In order to drive traffic, you need to engage with your followers. For this purpose, it is important to realize that people will follow you if you act like a human rather than an accounting entity. It is people who make social media interesting and so if you want to have a successful presence on Twitter, then you need to interact and communicate your message like a human. For this purpose, create your own personality, add humorous tweets, mention your interests (like tax consultant or you love numbers) and follow others on Twitter. Provide information through your content and explain it in a simple manner that your audience understands easily. Also, if anyone mentions your accounting firm, then you can retweet the same content as well. You can do the same when they have mentioned your blog content as well. So retweet your followers’ tweet where it makes sense.

Focus on your accounting firm as one of the many users on Twitter and not as a company. Being too professional on social media seems boring to Twitter users and so they won’t be interested in your content. Therefore, avoid talking like corporates and instead show the real people who make up your accounting firm. Let people know and understand them and laugh together with them. Click selfies, show behind the scenes of your firm, and tweet to people when they have some accounting problem. This is how you connect with users on Twitter and increase your followers.

If you follow these tips, you are certain to drive traffic to your accounting site. According to Statista, on an average, there were over 317 million active users in the 3rd quarter of 2016. The number in 2017 may have certainly increased. This means that you have a tremendous scope to grow your business by connecting with this population. So in case you haven’t created your Twitter page yet, then you better do so and start tweeting. If you need any assistance in managing your social media accounts, then get in touch with a professional social media firm to help you out.

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