Drip email is one of the most effective email marketing strategies you can utilize. Drip emailing gets its name from drip irrigation, because you are literally nurturing a relationship with interested customers by providing the right information at the right time.

The aim of drip marketing is to engage a user, develop a relationship and at various points, convince them to purchase your service or product.

Use these 8 drip email tactics that will get your audience to convert.

  1. Start with a Welcome

Though most of the IDs in your email database are users who are interested in your brand, you want to make them interested in your drip email campaign. How do you do that? The first email you send should be a welcome email.

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If users open your first welcome email, the open rate of your drip email increases substantially. Furthermore, if you send the welcome mail immediately when the user signs up, then the open rate jumps up to 88%.

  • Your welcome mail should only introduce your brand

  • Tell a little to users on what they can expect from your emails

The aim of your welcome email is not to convert, it is to make the users interested in your emails so the next ones will be opened.

  1. Don’t Miss Activation

Many drip emails miss activation and hence fail to truly convert your readers. Activation is a trigger you throw in for your readers to do. A good activation should not take a lot of effort or cost, otherwise users won’t do it.

Here are some common ones:

  • Download the free app

  • Get a free membership

  • Visit your site to take advantage of a coupon code

A simple activation that is free and effortless on the part of users utilizes a foot in the door technique. Once you’ve got your foot in your customer’s door, they will be willing to know more about you.

  1. Send Shopping Cart Abandoned on the same day

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Drip emails can be very effective to get users to come back to their shopping carts. The best and most effective way to do this is to start the drip email on the very same day that they abandoned it. When you run an e-commerce store, expect shopping cart abandonment, it is part of the users buying cycle.

Shopify reported that 67% of their shopping carts are abandoned. However, 72% of users return to their shopping carts within 24 hours of abandonment.

This data just highlights the need of drip emails to be sent to your potential customer the day they abandon the cart.

  1. Make sure it’s at the Right Time

Most drip emails are automated. Someone types in their email id in your subscription form, or abandons a cart, the drip emails automatically start going to them. In this automation, you could miss vital seasonal and contextual moments.

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For example, your drip email campaign runs through Black Friday or Christmas. During such seasons, your audience expects an email regarding Christmas. While automation makes things easier, don’t let go of the handle completely.

  1. Send a Confirmation Email

When you finally convince the user to make a purchase or renew their subscription, you are not done yet. Set an automated email that will be part of your drip that goes out when users click on the purchase button. Send in a confirmation email, which works more as a thank you email. This simply helps build recall and improves the chances of users using your services again.

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  1. Recommend Something Relevant

Don’t just recommend something. That’s that the best way to tell users that your emails don’t have useful information. Recommendsomething relevant.

Airbnb ran a wonderful drip email campaign using user behavior data.

  1. The first email asked the users to take a look at the home they looked at previously.

  2. The second email offered recommendations.

Make sure you are utilizing analytical data to craft personal recommendations for your customers.

  1. Mail an Unsubscribe Email

Throughout the whole drip email campaign, users may decide to unsubscribe. You can send in one mail to pull these users in.

Since they have already subscribed, you can be a little creative and fun to get them back.

How OFFICE News does it.

Groupon’s unsubscribe email takes it a bit further than fun and creative. Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/wMzZvK69QaQ.

Let your unsubscribe email be funny, nasty, or shocking, it is your last chance to get users back.

  1. Improve Deliverability

It would be a mistake to set your automated drip emails and never look back. Always keep improving them.

  • Test your email tool and ensure that the emails are reaching ALL your users’ inboxes. If not, you need to get in touch with the tool’s support team.

  • If you are sending your email through the same IP, get it whitelisted. It will prevent your mails from going in spam and reduce negative responses.

  • Alter your email content according to the relevant time of the year.

  • Update your tool’s setting to keep up with the settings and filters of major email clients.

Which tactic is right for you? The tactic that is right for your audience and the drip email stage they are in. So use these tactics strategically in your drip email campaign.