Are you thinking of starting an email list? However, still, doubt why you need it? 

Almost many business owners do not realize the importance of an email list as they venture for digital presence. However, as they see the impact of building an email list, they eventually change mind as they start.

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What is an email list?

An email list is a database of all the emails that the business has gathered from the landing sites or subscription list. This will help you to send the updates, discounts, and other business information that you would like to share. You will directly reach the email inbox, ensuring credibility. 

Email lists are the best way to connect with customers rather than social media. A report from Experian reveals that 59% of B2B marketers are finding email list as the most effective channel for the revenue generation. There are lots of things that can be done by just growing your email list, reach more customers, generate more sales, and hence grow more business. The only thing which could help you in building an email list is the best email marketing strategies.


How to get it started?

To connect effectively with the customers, the brands need to compile the email list. Building an email list is the action performed to gather more people to subscribe to your business site. Mostly “Call to Action” will act as the key to build up the email list. There are numerous ways to encourage visitors to subscribe to the email list. However, it would help if you built it stronger.

Here, we will show you some of the simple hacks which would help you in building and growing your email lists 10X faster.


  1.   Making Your Forms Simpler

The most efficient way to make people subscribe to your email list is just by asking them.

You will have to remember one basic thing that people don’t want to fill our long-complicated forms even if they are willing to subscribe to your email list. Pardot survey reveals that 49.7% of the business use online form as the highest converting lead generation tool.

You could make use of many forms plugin for building the best strategies and choose the plugin, which is both user and beginner friendly. The people are more unlikely to subscribe if you have more things to fill out in your email forms.

These plugins mostly provide you with building an email list in two ways.

  •   Directly creating a signup form which asks the visitors for subscribing.
  •   Creating a contact form which would allow visitors to get added to your email list automatically.


  1.   Opt-in Benefits

Providing your users with a solid reason to subscribe is one of the most successful ways in converting a lot more subscribers for yourself.

You could grow your email list by offering Opt-in benefits, which could be anything from eBooks, swipe files, free software tools, access to exclusive online courses, etc.

These benefits force people to sign up because not only they are getting something of great value, but they also don’t want to miss out on learning how they would drive traffic directly to their website.

The reason why you should use opt-in benefits is two-sided:

  1.   You could include the benefits on any signup form through your website. This would let your users see the forms wherever they will go through your website.
  2.   You will only need to come up with one opt-in benefits since the same offer would be available on all subscriber forms.



  1.   Enabling Popups


Your website conversion rates would slightly move up by using a lead generation solution, and it would also help you in providing with some awesome looking popups on your website.

You could take advantages of these popups when your target visitors are just about to leave your website. The Sumo online popup studies found that the conversion rate for email popup is as high as 50.2%. To make this understandable, suppose you get 150 Visitors per day then typically you will have around 418 signups in the month.

The Popups would provide them with the last chance for considering subscribing to your email list, and this could be made more interesting by adding opt-in benefits.

These popups can be used in using A/B test on you subscribe forms and also access the built-in analytics to see how these popups are working so that you provide with the right forms to the right audience.



  1.   Social Proof Grip

People make their decisions to subscribe to your newsletter by only seeing the initial impressions which you have made before them.

This is the main reason why social proof should be used on your subscribe forms and provide your website visitors with the unique first impression and thus convincing them to subscribe to your email list right away.

You could use six types of social proof in your email subscribe form:

  •   Recommendations made by industry experts.
  •   Celebrity endorsements.
  •   Customer reviews and reviews of the current user.
  •   Wisdom and judgments of Crowds.
  •   Your shares and likes on social media and other platforms.
  •   Official stamps of approval.

You could easily add any of these social proofs on you subscribe forms, but the most commonly used social proofs are the wisdom and judgments of crowds.



  1.   Gate Your Content

Use content such as articles, white papers, videos, etc. which could be only accessed by the website visitors who have filled out the subscriber forms and provided you with an email address.

You could easily grow your email list by the super simple idea of using the gated content or locked content. You will not have to do any hardships as you will use the content which you have already published and only need to update it from time to time.



  1.   Creation of a Quiz

Good content is the supreme king when you need to make a large audience following to your website, and there is no doubt in that, and thus it would help you with the generation of more sales, and thus the establishment of a solid reputation.

According to the CMI survey:

  •   Interactive content is effective at converting site visitors as agreed by 70% of marketers.
  •   You could differentiate yourself from the competition by the use of interactive content as believed by 88% of marketers.
  •   According to 81% of people, interactive content is better at grabbing people attention than static content.

Moreover, this stat is just the beginning.

You could get people to subscribe to your email list through a unique way and quite easily, similarly to that of WWF you could create a quiz which requires people to subscribe before taking it.

Also, you could do it either wise by either asking the people to take the quiz before or after taking the quiz to subscribe to your email list.



  1.   Interaction on Forums

Many people visit the forums network like Quora regularly to see what is the talk made by your target audience, and sometime also to generate blog content ideas and to promote your brand.

However, very few people are aware of the fact that by interacting on your forums to build your email list.

You could answer on the popular forums and leave the link to your site’s landing page which comes along with the newsletter signup form with it. This would tell the people to subscribe to the newsletter to see more answers provided by you.

This is the best strategy to pull subscribers to your email list because these forums would let your users know that you are real and care about what the people are discussing. The people who are coming to your website are already interested in what you are talking about, thus providing you with more chances of converting your visitors into the subscribers.

You will also get great ideas from the forums to generate leads for adding to your subscriber email list. Moreover, the information gathered from these forums could be used for making a lead magnet for your email list.



  1.   Initiate Trust

There are many reasons why people do not opt to fill out email list forms. The main reasons are their worries about the spam, misuse of their personal information, and the worry of their data theft.

You could do the following things to initiate trust to your users that subscribing to your email list is safe:

  •   You could add an anti-spam statement along with your subscribe form which would guarantee them about their email address is 100% secure, and their information would be stored in your databases.
  •   You should also add a GDPR form field which would provide you with the consent from your website visitors in collecting and storing their personal information. This would build trust among your users that you care about how their information would be used.

You could also make it clear that people can easily unsubscribe from you at any time they want to this would let people know they are not getting trapped in any case by subscribing to your email lists.



These are the eight simple and easy ways to grow your email lists by providing people with good reasons to subscribe. You could easily follow any of them or all of these ideas and thus grow the subscribers of your email list to a greater number.