All of us know the importance of SEO for small players and the need for it. In the sea like market, there are big fish and there are small fish. To survive, the small fish will have to become big. To do this, there is no need for them to scourge for business very far away. Focusing on local geographies will help you be a dominating player – focusing and capturing one area before moving on to the next.

Businesses tend to make a few mistakes when engaging in SEO. These mistakes can take a toll on their businesses and give them the boot for good.

Contrary to what Dilbert’s boss says, you need to be clear about your goals and plans. Firing blindly won’t get you to hunt any elks. Your strategy must be focused upon having the nearest slice of the cake rather than trying to gobble up the whole cake.


Here we have some tips and tricks to help you formulate a perfect SEO strategy.


1. Enlist yourself

No, we don’t mean the army. Get listed in the local directories. People tend to bother the online yellow pages first. If local directories shout your name and the only thing that is missing will be the “I’m here” sign in its hands. This will grab attention of the locals and traffic will increase, both online and physical.

For example, if your business is in Edmonton, you should get on Edmonton B2B Business DirectoryEdmonton Business Directory and Edmonton Local.


2. Go Social

Social media is a great way to carry out reconnaissance missions. You can do surveillance on the activities of locals and see what they want. The content they share, their views on a particular product or the hashtags that can be leveraged to make your content visible have to be monitored.

Also, your social profiles should mention the location of your business.


3. Claim what is yours

Businesses are listed on Google and on websites like Yelp. They are listed with their name, address and phone numbers. Various other information regarding the business can also be uploaded. If you see yourself already listed, claim it, grab it and tag it.


4. Define a target

Make sure you are focused on your target segment. A deviation from the purpose will prove to be injurious to your business’ health. While you create your strategies, make sure you take the locals into account. They will be the one responsible for the next car or home you buy.


5. Lock and Key(words)

Make sure you track all the posts and online content infesting the internet. Track the words or keywords being used normally. Long-tailed keywords may be the key to your SEO woes. Speak the right words (not Open Sesame) and the door of the cave shall open in a trice.


6. Mobility

Now a days, cell phones and tablets have become the way of life for all. Almost 80% of the searches are on mobile devices. It is imperative that you can be found on mobile as well. Mobile SEO is an important component of marketing.


7. Get on Google My Business

You need to be easily found on Google Maps. For that, ensure that you have presence on My Business. This is a fantastic way to ensure Google know where your business is present.


8. Address on your Website

Have you mentioned your business’s address on the website? You should have a footer on every page that mentions your address. This is a very common method to reinforce your locality and ensure that search engines notice it.

One thing to remember is that SEO is not a magic wand. You may think that your marketer will perform tricks for you, do some back flips and will kick your sales high in the sky. SEO can get you only so far. After that you are on your own. Create customer oriented strategies. Your sales and after sales strategies must be accurately structured. Leverage on whatever information you score and don’t let it go waste.