Consumers in most parts of the world are now using their mobile devices to search online for products and services more than they do it on their computers. However, this does not mean that mobile technology is replacing computers; on the contrary, mobile is only complementing the computer.

Some factors to consider when you are looking to make the most of mobile marketing efforts include:

Make It Simple

Traditionally, email marketing involved using HTML for text and graphics. However, when it comes to using mobile as a tool of marketing, this approach is not always effective. The reason for this is that many mobile users prefer not to download images as default settings. This is because images or graphics may at times fail to load due to their large size and this can leave the user with an incomplete message. In addition, the graphics may push the message down thus making it harder for customers to read and understand the marketer’s message.

While HTML can make the graphics look attractive on a computer, it is better on a mobile to promote ads and emails that are mainly text-based with no graphics. This makes it simpler for consumers to get the information directly and with much ease.

Keep It Short

Because mobile devices have small display screens, it is recommended that you keep it brief when sending messages to your target audience. Come up with creative but precise titles that will capture the attention of customers. You do not need to spend too much time on flashy headers. Simply offer value to the consumer to allow them to read each sentence in your marketing message. Ensure that the sentences and paragraphs in the message are short. Always use active verbs.

Leverage The Localness Of Mobile

With mobile marketing is easier to reach out to your local customers. According to Google, an estimated 40% of mobile search engine users conduct local searches compared to 20% of the desktop searchers. Furthermore, 95% of the smartphone users looked up for local information.

Other interesting stats about mobile are that 95% of the SMS are read within 3 minutes of being delivered and 9 out of 10 searches on mobile devices have lead to action; about 50% of them have actually lead to a purchase.

Many people surf the web on their smartphones looking for various things such as where to park, where to have a quick breakfast before heading to work, where to have dinner, where to post a package among other things. This is a great advantage for marketers who can advertise their products and services to an existing local audience that uses mobile to search. It is a good idea to optimize your content so that it is searchable through mobile devices.

Be Timely And Target Your Audience

Mobile technology is timely and focused. Mobile users will utilize twice as many keywords when searching as they would on a desktop search. The small interface on mobile phones allows users to focus more on the task at hand, which is to search for something specific and perhaps make a purchase.

According to the data provided by Microsoft, about 75% of the searches done from a desktop take one week to be completed. This is different from searches conducted via mobile as they take only an hour to be completed. This means that marketers who have embraced mobile marketing are likely to boost conversion rates much faster than those who have not optimized their sites for mobile.

However, marketers who are using mobile platforms for advertising should consider offering specific details about their products on the landing page. They should also come up with a click-to-call strategy that allows users to easily reach the service provider. A clear display of products and a visible call to action can help to enhance conversion rates and boost advertising ROI in the long run.

Share Value

It is best to share as much valuable information with your customers as possible. An effective way to do this is to share a link with customers about a specific recommendation of a product or a service. You should have a clean and useful URL structure that allows people to share ideas on a certain topic. Optimize your site so that customers can easily share links via their Blackberry, Android, iPhone and other devices. Ensure that the links you share do not lead to dead-ends or domain names that cause the site to be disconnected on mobile.

Leverage The Mistakes

People who conduct mobile searches are prone to make mistakes when typing. This is due to the small spaces on the keyboards on the mobile devices. Use this to your advantage by using misspelled words as part of keywords in your mobile search campaigns. In addition, turn off the auto-correction spell checker in the mobile phone. This will allow all the misspelled words to be picked in the search and thus your products or services will always show up on the mobile search engine even when the mobile user misspells a word related to your keywords.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Mobile marketing is all about getting people to take some form of action. Once your target audience sees your ad and clicks through to your website, what kind of information do they find there? Do the pages take too long to load? Do site visitors have to search in vain for the products and services you’re advertising? How about the call to action message, is it visible? Optimizing your website for mobile allows consumers to have a seamless experience when using their mobile devices to interact with your website.

Mobile marketing is still a new form of advertising and promotion and the most successful marketers are those who are able to use mobile advertising combined with other forms of online marketing.