Whether you are conducting your web optimization on your own, or you have a team, it’s always great to make use of SEO tools. It helps you with the small tasks, improve efficiency, frees up more time and helps you build a better optimized website. And it gets even better when the tools are free. I mean who doesn’t love free tools!
But, when there are a lot of free SEO tools available online, there comes the challenge of narrowing down on a few. Here’s some help with that.

1. Google Analytics



If you haven’t heard of Google Analytics and you are running SEO, then throw yourself out the window. As obvious as it seems, the fact remains that without Google Analytics, you will not be able to enhance your website’s optimization.
Google Analytics will tell you which pages are working and which aren’t, which keywords are getting you traffic and which aren’t, and also areas you can improve your website in. Plus, you can utilize additional tools like
Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends.
2. Bing Webmaster Tools



Equivalent of Google Webmasters is Bing Webmaster. Google may rule the web, but Bing gets quite a substantial amount of traffic too. Bing does not have the same parameters Google has when it comes to SEO ranking. Hence, you gotta keep track of the analytical data that Bing presents and accordingly alter your website.

3. Screaming Frog



Screaming Frog is a unique SEO tool. It crawls through your website and makes a list of all your internal pages. Screaming Frog provides data on 4 major things:
– Website crawl-ability
– Internal and outbound links on a page
– Keyword elements including page title and meta description
– HTTP Status code
Screaming Frog will bring forward new opportunities through which you can improve your website. The application is free for any website that has less than 500 pages.

4. SEO Browser

Want to see and understand how a search engines sees and reads your website? Then, you should use SEO Browser. It is a very interesting tool that will add value and perspective so that you can enhance your website SEO.
5. Majestic SEO


Link building is one of the most important facets of website optimization. Majestic SEO is the best tool when it comes to backlink analysis. It provides valuable data on how many internal and external links you can connect to and how good their quality is. Additionally, it offers data on what external websites are connected with your site.
Basically, Majestic SEO will tell you if you’re doing enough link building and how good it is.

6. GTmetrix


Your loading speed plays a big role in deciding your website’s SEO rank. If you have a website that has a loading page of over 5 seconds, then you’re going to have low traffic and a high bounce rate. GTmetrix gives you an in-depth breakdown of your web page’s loading speed.
The interface and the graphical data presentation make this tool really awesome.

7. Keywordtool


Keywordtool provides a range of options from its database that observes search behaviors on Google, Bing and YouTube. There are many features in keywordtool that makes it a better option than Google Keyword Planner. It will especially help you enhance the long-tail keywords you use. This tool will help you differentiate between highly popular keywords and keywords that are growing in popularity. This way, your keyword optimization does not have to compete with the most searched keywords.
SEO tools can make your job easier. Take your time and go through each one of these tools. Make your website jump through the hoops of each of these tools. You’ll come up with interesting information and you’ll have better ideas to improve your website.


Bonus: 8. MozBar for Chrome