Paying for SEO, buying keywords and having blogs on websites is essential. But what after that? Do your results have to be lost in a wormhole? No they don’t! The leads you generate through SEO have a high potential to become high paying clients.

Businesses think that SEO is a magic wand. After wielding it, your sales will straightaway jump. But you are mistaken. It is the mermaid which attracts the sailing ships, the real work of demolition is done by the rocks in the sea. All SEO does is attract the customers, you still have to convert them and make a sale. That’s the job of a website.

SEO lead generation takes some effort from the businessman’s side. Here are 7 tips from our side to help you increase your lead conversion rate.



1. Explain who you are

When a potential customer lands on your site through some external source, he will want to know about you. Have an awesome about us page ready to get their attention. If they are to land on some other specific page, have the landing page ready for arrival. Offers and discounts (if any), must be prominently jumping up and down on the page. This will get the customer involved in your page.

Contact information must be displayed on all the pages. If a customer wants to contact you, it can be done immediately without going to any page.

2. Get in touch

There are night owls who browse the net after dark. They may land on your page and find the information interesting. They must be able to contact you. Have a message option or a form where they can leave their information.

Also mention your email address and phone number so they can get in touch with you.

An excellent idea is to put up a chat box on your website so that you can immediately get in touch with any customers who have queries.

3. Go Fishing

Your analytics tool may sometimes capture the contact details of the customers. Spread your net far and wide over your target segment to get phone numbers, addresses, and websites and email addresses of such businesses. Once you have a list or a database in your hand, make a hole in the ice and go cold calling. Get someone who can sweet talk his / her way into the customers’ businesses. Don’t push too hard but try to make a sale.

4. Follow Up

Many of the people you call may hang up instantly or may even try to give you the verbal finger. But, there may be an enlightened soul who knows that he needs your services. Take an opening when you see it and follow up with that potential client. Keep reminding them of your services and business.

Remarketing and email marketing are superb online tools that help you follow up. Through remarketing, you remind users of your brand presence on the web. By sending across emails, you can constantly provide interesting industry information and make users aware of unique sale offers.

5. Meet Face to Face

Set up meetings with potential clients. Giving them a brief of all your products and making a pitch will be more lucrative than explaining it to them on a call. A face to face meeting will help you see eye-to-eye.

6. Negotiate

Don’t try to take advantage of your customers. Neither let them take advantage of you. Be open to negotiate the price of your services for a win-win situation.

7. Provide After Sales Services

It is easier and less expensive to retain a customer than trying to win over new ones. Have a proper after sales service. Follow up regularly for their feedback and pitch your products for their further requirements. If you want clients to recommend you to others, you need to have good aftersales services.

Relying on your analytics tool constantly while ignoring your sales activities will be catastrophic for your business. To avoid getting wiped off the corporate map altogether, you have to engage in some traditional marketing activities as well.