There is an ocean of blogs out there. Everyone from the man in the arctic to the business tycoon has a blog. Blogs out there offer all kinds of content – experiences, expertise, information, insights and interesting reads. However, the blogging world is like an iceberg. Only 1/9th is discovered and you have to make sure your blog is part of that 1/9th.

If you want your blog to be noticed by your customers, you have to think about SEO, SERPs and good content.

Here are 6 things to keep in mind when publishing your future blog posts.

1. Add Images

A blog post with images has a 94% higher chance of getting more views. It is not users who take notice, but search engines too. Your link will look more attractive in the search result because it has an image. This further increases your SEO rank and encourages users to click on the link.

Additionally, images enhance a reading experience, make it fun and break up the text for easy reading. By adding tags and captions, you better your chances of your blog post appearing on the top search result.

2. Blog Design

Blogs are easy to make, log onto either Blogger and WordPress and you can easily make one. Most users who open personal blogs have shoddy design and layout. You cannot make the same mistake.

– A Clean Design

A clean deign presents an easy wayfor your visitor to navigate through your blog and browse through the content.

– Mobile Optimized

Not everyone has the time to sit at the desktop and read through your blog. They may prefer to go through it on their portable device while traveling. Hence, your blog should be able to fit on a 4 inch or 11 inch screen.

3. Unique Voice

As you and your team write more for the blog, a distinctive voice will emerge. A voice depends on – the words, the tone and sentence structure used. If you know what you want, create a set standard for the words, tone and sentence structure to be maintained on all the blogs. When your blog has a unique voice, your reader will begin to identify with it.

4. Share it on Social Media

Sharing it on social media is not just to be noticed by your customers, but by search engines too. Search engines go through social media platforms to find content and answer a query. Ensure you have all the major social media widgets on your blog if your reader wants to share it on their social media profile.

5. Direct your Reader

Always leave with some direction for your reader. Too many blogs offer information without telling the reader what they should consider doing. Add a call to action for your reader like signing up for the blog, or reading another article, or just offering them something to think about.

6. Pick Content Topics for your Reader

Personal blogs are for the writer, if you aim to reach out to customers, you need to write content that will interest and help them out. Talk to your customers and readers and find out what they want. Keep track of your blog metrics and find out what your visitors are reading.

Do these consistently and you’ll slowly, but surely, emerge from under the currents to reach the tip of the iceberg – the coveted 1/9th that the world will notice!