Facebook Advertising can be challenging. As more advertisers realize the huge potential that Facebook offers in marketing their products and services, increasing competition can make it even harder to reach your target customers. You don’t want to be wasting your money on Facebook Ads that are not bringing in good results.

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How can you make your advertising campaigns better? The success of Facebook Ads comes down to two critical elements: Great ad design and laser-focused targeting. Here, we’re going to discuss key design tips to help you improve your Facebook Ads.


Define Your Goals

Before you begin designing your Facebook Ads, you need to have clearly defined goals. Do you want your ads to generate more traffic, boost visibility or expand your social reach? Are you designing ads to help get more views on your product videos? Want more people to join your list? With a goal in mind, you can now tailor your design around what you want to achieve.

According to a Forbes article on running successful Facebook campaigns, your ad design should be based on your target audience. Your marketing objective, whether it’s creating awareness, passing a message or increasing conversions, should be at the core of your Facebook Ad design process.  


Create Buyer Personas

Every business has different types of customers with different needs. By creating specific buyer personas, you can easily improve your Facebook Ad designs and even serve your customers better. Create a simple customer profile. Are you targeting men or women? Individual users or corporates? What are they hoping to solve using your product?

With clear buyer personas, you can now design a Facebook Ad that is targeted to each of one those personas, directly addressing their needs. Buyer personas help you create more effective ad campaigns that get you better results.  


Test Multiple Ad Designs

In a marketing world where customers are constantly looking for unique products and services, it’s important for businesses to quickly adapt to market expectations. According to a Kissmetrics guide on Facebook advertising, it’s always advisable to test multiple designs before launching your Facebook marketing campaign.  

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Consider creating at least four different Facebook Ads and then test each one of them. Incorporate creative ideas into your designs and keep things fresh. Vary both your text and image content in your ads so you can avoid ad fatigue, which can easily decrease your ad effectiveness.


Show People Using Your Products

To create attention-grabbing Facebook Ads, you need to connect with your potential customers personally. The best way to do this is by showing real people using your products, instead of just the product itself. Considering that Facebook Ads run alongside posts from family, friends and colleagues, it’s important to create ads that show people enjoying your products or service.


Choose Images that Stand Out

Facebook Newsfeed is a hugely competitive battlefield. To win the advertising wars and have your adverts clicked on, you have to grab the attention of potential customers. This comes down to the types of images you use in your ads. Images that stand out can grab attention and earn you clicks. Remember to use the right images as you’re also branding yourself in your ads.


Minimalist Design

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Just like designing websites, it’s important to maintain a minimalist design when creating Facebook Ads, according to a Rapid Boost Marketing article on Website Builders vs Hard Coding. Ad designs should be simple, have a clear message and a call-to-action. Consistency is key as you want customers who click on your ads to get a complete experience.



Remember that trust and credibility are important when it comes to creating Facebook Ads. Even with great ad designs, you can’t convince a buyer to purchase your products, establish a relationship or give out their email if you’re not credible. Highlight the benefits of your products or services and also add some social proofs to your Facebook ad designs.