5 ways you can create an authority website


When you build an authority website, your site becomes the go-to place for that information. For example, if you want to read some inspirational quotes, Zen Pencils is the place to go, or if you want funny, interesting and informative reviews on cars, Top Gear is for you.

When you become an authority website, you skip over the search engine and visitors come directly to your website. Your growing number of visitors is noticed by search engines and your SEO rank increases. This will get you more unique and new visitors who discover your site.

People will become aware of your brand, its content and the service and products offered.

1. Get the Web Design Right

If you hope to create an authority website, you have to build a website that will be remembered. You need to push your brand so that your visitors remember it.

– The logo and brand name should be easy to remember and well placed on the site.

– The content, services and information should be spread across your home page and navigation bar so a visitor knows what you are offering.

– Your website should be quick to load and a visitor should find it easy to navigate through.

2. Keyword Research

To get dedicated followers for your website, you have to be discovered first This can be done by good keyword optimization so you appear on their search results.

– What are the keywords that your visitors usually use in a Google Search?

– Focus more on long-tail keywords. Google is relying more and more on long-tail keywords to answer a search query.

– Use Google promptsand suggestions to find popular and relevant keywords.

– Lastly, collect data from your website. On which are the search queries and keywords that a visitor utilizes to come onto your site?

3. Quality Content Creation

You do not have a chance of becoming an authority website without giving quality content.

– Keyword Optimization: Your content has to be well-optimized with the keywords so search engines and visitors can find it. However, you want to avoid keyword stuffing.

– Appeal to your visitor: You are writing for your visitors, not yourself. The language, terms and even examples used should connect with your visitor. There is a reason why a financial magazine’s writing is different from a tabloid’s – the audience is different.

– Be Precise and Direct: It is very easy to come up with content on ‘you should do this’ and ‘you should do that’. This type of content not only feels like you’re lecturing the visitor, but you aren’t offering substantial value. When you say ‘do this’, follow it up with precise directions on how can they do it.

4. Share on Social Media

Create a presence on social media so that people know you are the authority.

– Have social media buttons on your site so people are able to share the content.

– Keep posting links and content on your various social platforms to create awareness on your latest content.

Look at the Verge’s social media profile and how they have established themselves as an authority.

5. Link Building

Link building allows your site to reach out and connect with the internet. This is noticed by search engines. Additionally, when you don’t want to explain a concept in your article, you can add a hyperlink. This way you increase the quality of your content without increasing the word count.

You have to give it time. You can’t become an authority site in a month. You build your followers one day at a time. Keep with these points and push your brand and content forward.