A PPC, or a Pay per Click campaign is a popular way for attracting targeted visitors to a website with the intention of converting them into buyers. You don’t have to be an online marketing genius to know the basics of PPC, as its name sums up the concept fairly effectively. Here, an advertiser needs to make payments for ads published online solely based on the qualifying clicks. This means payments need to be made only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement to the website.

You are not only one running a PPC campaign, chance are your competitors are doing the same.Here are some tricks that will help your run a successful PPC campaign and beat any competition.

1) Bid on the right keywords

No matter which part of the world you’re marketing to, you need to make sure your keywords are relevant. This requires a lot of research, as well as knowing the correct translations for your product or service in whatever language you are dealing with. This is necessary if your campaign is working on a global scale.
When you start out, make a list of the keywords. This is the most important requirement for the success of any PPC campaign. The only way you can promote your online business successfully is by using the appropriate keywords. Once you’ve finalized the targeted keywords with the help of a few keyword tools, start bidding on the keywords that properly define your online business, products or services.To ensure higher number of clicks, use separate keywords for different ads, especially if there are multiple keywords related to the PPC management project.

2) Utilize the right Search Engine

To ensure more visitors, make sure to run the PPC ads on more than one search engine. This way, more people will get to see your ad which will, in turn, increase the number of clicks. While search engines today are geo-targeting their result in different countries in a bid to be “Local”, other search engines still are carrying weight in their own regional territories. The perfect example would be in China where the most popular search engine is Baidu. So ensure you are using the right search engines to reach out to your audience.

3) Make every word Count

Every word on your PPC ad from the title to the text needs to count. You have a limited word count – rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. You want a title and text that can convince your reader to click on it.

4) Maintain an attractive landing page.

When developing your landing page, make sure it’s unique so that the visitor gets to see the product or service that you’re advertising for.
Once somebody clicks on your ad, you have to pay the relevant bit amount whether or not they make a purchase. So, make sure you’re not missing out on potential revenue once they arrive at your site.
Dedicated attractive landing pages are a great way to discover information relevant to your products as opposed to having a homepage, where your potential customer gets sent without getting any information and thus getting lost in the search traffic.

Landing page is key to pushing your visitor to finally convert.

5) Test it

You are spending money on your PPC ads, so you want to make the best use of it. Keep running tests. What works today, may not work a decade later. The keywords used by your customers may have changed.

As simple as they seem, if you use these tips when you start your PPC campaign, you can be assured a surge of profit. Other than the above, there are some even more basic rules that you can apply to your campaign, to appeal to your customers:

Always tell the truth in your ads, follow the rules assigned to you and if needed, do not hesitate to call for professional help. Here is a simple 9 step process to execute Google Adwords Campaign:


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