No matter how much effort you put into your SEO, it will be pointless if you fail to convert your visitors. Once your website gets a visitor, he needs to be nudged to convert. ‘Convert’ can mean different things depending on your business and online objectives. It can be to get the visitor to register for your newsletter, follow the blog or make a product purchase.

So what are the best techniques to get your customer to convert?

1. Effective Landing Page

This maybe the most common conversion technique, but it also is a very effective one. When your user clicks on a search result link and visits your website, you need to provide what exactly the link promised. If you provide misinformation or a product that is not relevant to him, he will leave your website immediately.

Furthermore, if the landing page is about a product or service, highlight directions on how the visitor can purchase it. This is very important simply because your user is actually searching for that product.

2. Call to Action

If you are offering information in the form of a blog post, end it with a call to action. The call to action depends on your business. The most basic thing would be to ask the user to sign up to receive news letters about your products or blog.

3. Have a Pop-up

The best way to get your visitor to convert is to throw your offers in their faces in the form of a pop-up. By putting an email registration or ‘Buy’ button on the side or bottom, there is chance that the visitor will miss it. By mentioning it upfront, you get a clear answer. However, make certain that your pop-up can be easily closed and does not annoy the visitor by opening up frequently (once is enough).

The important thing for a pop-up call to action is to offer something in return. If you want your visitor to give his email ID, offer an ebook, email blog update or newsletter in return.

4. Design a Conversion Funnel

The best conversion technique is through a funnel. Most visitors need to be persuaded to purchase your product or service. Getting their email ID is just the start.

– Offer email blog updates, ebook, product offers or newsletter in return for email IDs.

– You frequently email them blog posts or newsletters establishing yourself as an authority site. This way you earn their trust.

– Send them sales offers and discounts and ask them to make a purchase.

5. Testimonials and Reviews

If you are selling a service, have testimonials. If you are selling products, have customer reviews. Visitors will value what others say over what you are saying. Always offer up testimonials and reviews on your website.

– To add weight and authenticity to your testimonial, have a picture of the person. Feature the name and a few details about the person like his profession, position, etc.

– Set up a review system that connects with a social media platform. You add authenticity of the product reviews by allowing the reviewer to connect with his social profile.

Do not make the mistake of trying complex conversion techniques that will confuse your visitors. Simple is good, just remember to highlight the directive points for your visitor.