As a kick-ass SEO ninja (Aeeeehya!), I go about helping startups, small businesses, and even a few giant (but humbled) corporates improve their online presence.

Like any professional, I sometimes have to deal with ignorant myths, rumors and assumptions that shouldn’t even exist.

It’s a hard job convincing people that SEO is not some black magic or sales con. And, you know what really ticks me off? It’s when people, who don’t know head or tail about SEO, open their mouths and spread these myths like it’s the word of God!

So, what are the most popular and absurd myths about SEO that I’ve heard too many times, some of which even you might have fallen for?


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1. “It’s a scam”

This has been said to my face more times that I can count. If you’re thinking the same thing about SEO, let me tell you why this line is false.

The truth is all in the data and the analytics. Once I start SEO-optimizing a client’s website, the website’s traffic slowly and gradually increases.

  • Interesting and helpful blog posts are written that answer the queries typed by the client’s audience. These posts bring in users.
  • Quality content is spread across the web and social media that improves link building, and further brings more traffic.
  • This increase in traffic tells search engines that this website is relevant to the user and boosts its SEO rank.

SEO is gradual. You won’t find your website’s traffic and SEO rank jump within the next week itself. It takes months, but once your links are on the top results, SEO ensures it stays there.


2. “Bah, Google will figure it out”

Yes, Google and every other search engine will figure out the best answers to the query. However, you cannot expect your website to appear on the top of a search result without SEO.

SEO greatly improves the chances of Google figuring out that your website deserves to be on top of the search result. And how will Google ‘figure it out’if you don’t have fresh, interesting content with the right keywords and good link building?
Google is smart, but when you’re battling with millions of other pages (not to mention your competitors), it’s difficult to come out on top of a search result.


3. “I did it once, it doesn’t work”

It kind of gets frustrating to hear this because it’s like someone is telling me that what I do (which is SEO) – does not work.

Not only does it take time for SEO to improve sales and traffic on your website, it takes expertise. Reading a few articles on SEO, doing a bit of keyword stuffing, posting up blogs irregularly and hoping that your SEO rank will improve – is what I call a hack and slash job.

SEO is a skill that takes training and experience. Reading a few articles just introduces you to it. You need to keep at it and keep refining your SEO tactics to see results.


4. “I’m GonnaRank for the No. 1 Magic Keyword”

SEO is not magic and there is no magic keyword (I repeat) – No. Magic. Keyword.

Keywords play a critical role in helping search engines understand what information, service or product you offer on the page. Let’s take a look at the keywords used for this very website.

Edmonton has the maximum mentions on the site. This greatly improves Rapid Boost’s local SEO. But, Edmonton does not guarantee that a client searching for SEO will arrive on the site. Hence, it’s complemented with a host of other keywords and keyword modifiers.

The problem with depending on a ‘magic keyword’ is that:

  1. Your whole SEO strategy is now dependent on one keyword – never put everything in one basket.
  2. You have to tackle a bigger audience and more competitors. SEO is an extremely broad keyword. Is the user searching for an SEO service or SEO guide?

However, if you use multiple keywords – SEO service in Edmonton, SEO specialist, SEO consulting – the online competitors are reduced (improving your chances of appearing on the top result), and you have a better chance of finding a potential client.

You have to find a group of keywords that work for you.


5. “Google hates SEO”

Google neither loves nor hates SEO. Google is an algorithm, a machine.

Google has only one aim – provide the best answer to the query.

However, Google has been built to notice when black-hat SEO tactics are forcefully manipulating it to put the website on the top of a search result. The problem here is that this website may not be providing the best answer to the search query.

SEO is not a myth. It’s as real as the internet you’re accessing right now. If you are not using SEO to improve your business and sales, you’ll be the loser while your competitor will flourish. If you believe any of these myths, now is the time the stop.