LinkedIn is quite a powerful medium for corporates and professionals to interact and create an online presence. As a non-profit organization, you probably haven’t considered creating a presence on LinkedIn. Chances are that you’re more focused on Facebook or Twitter on trying to generate awareness for your cause. However, LinkedIn can surprise you on what it can be used for. From attracting professional workers to your cause to getting sponsorship to promoting events, there is plenty you can get done on the social platform. Getting on to LinkedIn opens a new door and puts focus on a B2B aspect.

So what are the ways you can make use of LinkedIn and stand out?

Corporate Sponsorship

The best sponsorship is not got from the public, but from the corporate organisations. Most corporate organisations have a Corporate Responsibility Program which has a set amount which donates money to non-profit originations. Your LinkedIn profile can drive more attention and traffic to generate donations from various organisations.

LinkedIn allows you to put together a Corporate Membership program and add it as a service on your LinkedIn page. This will help build exclusivity with your sponsors and keep them coming back.

Showcase Programs

As a non-profit organisation, you are always running long term programs. Last year, LinkedIn introduced a Showcase feature which allows you to list out products. You can treat your products as a program and list them out on your LinkedIn page. Come up with content that is specially crafted and detailed in informing about the program.

This also allows professionals to only follow the program and products they’re interested in.

Promoting Events

You organise events often to promote your cause. Just like Facebook, you can set up the event on LinkedIn to create awareness and get professionals to visit. Adding a picture such as the event logo or videos of the previous year’s event can help improve its reach.

Also, you’d be surprised the kind of help you can get from LinkedIn in setting up an event from the location, technical equipment and more.

Join Groups

Already, plenty of groups have been set up on LinkedIn. A quick search should reveal many interesting results. If you feel a group is lacking, don’t hesitate to create your own group.

Joining groups is one of the best ways to reach out to other non-profits and corporates. You can connect with them and build a relationship.

Being Active on LinkedIn

It’s not as simple as setting up a LinkedIn profile and just visiting it once a week, or worse, once a month. Around 67% of LinkedIn users log in every day. So at least on a daily basis or if not, an alternate day basis, put up fresh updates. This should not be difficult, considering that your organisation is always working on something, from planning a new program to executing one.

There are many issues which you can bring up in these updates. If you really want to stroke a conversation or a debate, loop in the role of corporates in your post.

LinkedIn presents plenty of opportunities. Once you implement these five points, navigate the social platform on your own and discover new ones for yourself.