The New Year means that you should be implementing some new design concept on your website. The idea of millions of people accessing the internet from their mobiles has become a reality and your website should adapt to it. Every year brings in many fads, but as a marketing professional, you have to shift through the craze phases and recognize legitimate trends that made an impact and will last a long time on the web. So which web design trends should you be aware of?

‘Keep it Simple’

You’ve probably heard the quote. The last year has just reinforced that. Creating a simple website is a sure recipe to present an easy to use website which is effortless in navigating.

Along with simplicity is the underlining growth of flat designs. Apple’s iOS7 release introduced a flat design which is being aspired by plenty of designers. Your webpage needs to have a clean look with information that can be absorbed easily. Colour coding is gaining more importance and you want your text to be easily read with the background colour.

Focus on Mobile

As mentioned before, your website design has to be altered to cater to the vast number of mobile users. Maybe you already have this as a priority, but you need to stop thinking of ‘mobile website second’. Indeed, if you are yet to design your website, create the mobile version first and then your regular version.

Your mobile and regular website design cannot be the same. Take into consideration the aspect ratio, text size and various tabs available. A user experience on a mobile screen is completely different and your website has to focus on that.

More Social Integration

The more involved you make your website with the various social media platforms, the better. You can’t just depend on SEO optimisation to create awareness. You should have social media buttons for every article and pictures you put up. This increases its shareability. It’s not just search engines that make content viral, but social media platforms also, and this why you can’t ignore them. A simple share of your link on a social media will be seen by hundreds or thousands.

In addition, you can have a newsfeed presenting the conversation involving your brand on social media platforms so your visitors can see.

Scrolling and Movement

Most articles would put scrolling and movement under navigation, but the fact is that, by and large, a lot of thought is not given to it. Pinterest is a fantastic website which saves users the hassle of switching pages. It’s a perfect example how you can better user experience by allowing them the ease of scrolling and movement on the site. With mobiles, this concept has become even more important.

Responsive Website

If your website does not load within 3 seconds, chances are you visitor is closing the window. Your design needs to be very responsive and have quick loading time. This is where having a simple website pays off. It’s not about squishing content, but altering it so it does not take too much loading time. For example, lowering the resolutions of the pictures uploaded.

So if you’re website is already created, what are you waiting for? Get these five concepts included in!