Ep # 62

Free instagram tools: 

1: Repost

With Repost App, Instagram users can quickly share someone else’s photo while giving credit to the original poster. Because Instagram hasn’t (and likely won’t) open their API up to anybody, you have to paste the original caption into Instgram from the Repost App.

2: Followers For Instagram

Like with Twitter, you can’t see who you follow on Instagram who doesn’t follow you. In fact, Insta is worse because you can’t see that information even when you click into a profile, whereas Twitter tells you if a user follows you back. This app tells you who you follow that doesn’t follow you back and vice versa, new followers and anyone who has blocked you. There are more insights available in the paid version, but you get the basics in the free mobile app download.

3: Icon Square

For when you’re on a desktop and not on your mobile device, Icon Square is an awesome tool to look at your Instagram analytics. For free, you get a very detailed breakdown of your Instagram presence—followers gained and lost in comparison to posted media, your follower growth, like and comment history, engagement stats and plenty more. It can even prove to be a useful tool for brand managers to print and report to higher ups growth in social marketing.

4: Instagram Insights

If you’ve set up your Instagram business account, you have access to free analytics through the Instagram app.

Instagram Insights provides basic stats for assessing your Instagram marketing efforts. Find out more about your followers, when they’re on Instagram, and what your top posts are. This information will help you choose content more likely to resonate with your audience.

On the downside, you have to navigate the app a bit to see all of these stats. It would be nice if Instagram would let you view this data on desktop or download your results.

5: Union Metrics

Union Metrics offers a free account checkup, covering the last month. The report is generated using a few of the algorithms from their paid analytics platform.


6: Social Bakers

Free Instagram Analytics Tool: Statistics on your most popular Instagram photos, filters, hashtags, and all of your interactions with your followers – all for free!


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