LinkedIn is an amazing resource for B2B lead generation. If your business sells to businesses it’s a great platform to be on. People who are on LinkedIn they are serious, unlike on Facebook. LinkedIn presents a great opportunity for anyone looking for a contact, hiring someone, or doing B2B Sales.

Here are some growth hacks for LinkedIn:

1: Find anyone’s email on LinkedIn

It’s a chrome extension which helps you find and search for emails on LinkedIn.

emails finding tool


2: GetProspect

This tool does the same thing as the earlier one. It maybe more reliable to extract the information.


3: Discoverly

Lookup contacts not only on LinkedIn, but also on gmail, hubspot, twitter etc. This chrome extension is my favorite.


4: Linked Helper

Add hundreds of targeted contacts, auto visit profiles, and sequential messaging.


5: Open Network

This is a must have for HR people, sales people and other active LinkedIn users. It helps you save your Linkedin connections and access millions of other business leads their contact data.




AeroLeads Prospect Finder find prospects, leads and emails from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, GitHub, Google etc and allows you to add Prospects to with 1 Click. These prospects are transferred to your AeroLeads list where the tool find all the Details of the Prospect, either business or a person like Name, Email, Contact Person Name etc.