competitive analysisWhen you set up a business and a brand, you want to distinguish yourself from the rest. The market is flooded with competition, and even if you have a unique service or product, the market will copy you. Hence your business needs a good brand. This is an effective way to tell the market that my business is different from the rest and you should utilize my services and products.

But there is a question of how do you ensure your brand is distinguished from the others out there? A large part depends on how you communicate your brand and what you tell the market. There are several factors you can showcase.

1. Price

In two previous blogs, we have already spoken about price. Price is what tells your customers whether they can afford your product and what kind of audience you will be appealing to. For example, one of the things that Apple is known for is the high price of their products. It sets a standard for the customers.

differentiate  competitors


2. Convenience

What are you doing that is making it more convenient for your customers? You can streamline the buying process, improve logistics, or make it easier for your customers to access you. As a brand, you need to ensure you run a business that is convenient for your customers. For example, if you have a problem with an Apple product and walk into their retail store, you will immediately be given a replacement.

3. Different Product

There are all kinds of products available in the market, but you can create a product that identifies with your brand personality. Two examples:

– Apple (I know again, but can’t help it): Each of their products has two things. It is a brilliant piece of technology that does what it is meant to, and it is designed in a simple and aesthetic manner. This is the mark, the brand, of Apple.

– Airstream: This is a company that is known for RVs. While there are many RV makers out there, Airstream creates RVs that have luxury, are classic and imbibes a retro style. That is what its brand is.

What’s different about your product or service? Use the answer in your branding.

4. Market & Position Yourself Differently

Perception is reality and sometimes all you have to do is position your brand in a different manner. Run a unique marketing campaign that people will love and your brand won’t only be noticed, but it will be remembered.

– Apple (I promise this is the last example!): Apple isn’t afraid to pit itself against its competitors. A decade ago it had a set of unique marketing campaigns that pitted itself against Windows. They were funny and witty, and yet imbibed Apple’s brand.

– Zostel, a startup in India, launched an internship campaign that took the country by storm. An internship was offered for only one person to travel across the country for free, and earn $1001. The startup got over 70,000 applications.

Unique marketing immediately gets your brand noticed, and makes it different from the rest.

For more interesting examples, Hubspot has an interesting piece of different branding methods used by companies; it’s worth a look.

A brand gives your business a personality, just make sure that your customers know that you are different from your competitors.