Link building is a key factor to improving your website’s SEO rank. If you aren’t doing enough of link building, then you are missing a whole avenue to improve your SEO rank. At the same time, you need to focus on quality link building. Having spam websites or even advertisements connect with your website will lower your SEO. Plus, you have to ensure that the anchor text is very much relevant to the link that it is attached.

Good link building is not easy. However, you can utilize effective link buildings tools and resources to improve your link building quality.

1. Link Prospector

Developed by Citation Labs, this is a handy tool to have by your side. It will help you come across link building opportunities. Link Prospector is built to speedily help a site conduct quality link building. You need to be aware of keywords and the type of sites you are searching for. Once you put in the information, Link Prospector gets back to you with a list of link opportunities.

The simple interface makes it easy to use the tool. On the downside, the vast variety of options means that you have to spend time to find those web links that are really relevant to you.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is impressive in several ways. It has the usual need of keywords and types of sites you are searching for to help you get started. The Site Explorer feature allows you to explore a particular site thoroughly and go through all its backlinks. New Links helps you to come across any fresh links that Ahrefs has indexed. Lost Links is a feature that tracks the links on your website and helps keep up quality of links on the site. The Anchor feature is unique as it offers anchor text with numerical rankings.

3. Followerwonk

If your business is active on Twitter, then you can’t miss out on Followerwonk. Do you like adding links of Tweets and Twitter personalities on your website? Followerwonk improves your website’s link connectivity with Twitter.

You can search for Twitter users using keywords, influence, followers and even age. Once you find these users, you can dive deeper into their social media analytics and find out if they are worth mentioning and connecting to your website.

4. BuzzStream

This is probably the one-stop shop of link building tools. Buzzstream does everything that a good link building tool needs to do. It opens link building opportunities, keeps track of the backlinks on your site and overall ensures that your website has good quality links.

It provides statistics so that you’re aware of how well your link building is and what improvements can be implemented.

A major problem faced by most websites is that link building is not given enough of a priority and that results in the loss of SEO rank. Using these tools, you can ensure that you are doing enough when it comes to quality link building.

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