Though almost all brands have jumped onto the social media band wagon, there are a few organizations that are still hesitant to use the platform. Most people don’t realize the full potential of social media, it’s more than just putting up a few posts in a day. In spite of all your pitches, your boss just keeps saying, “No”. So how do you get her to see the awesome potential of social media marketing?

Focus on the Opportunities

Depending on the type of business, the opportunities will vary, but there will be opportunities for you to exploit. Talk about the different audiences you can reach out to. The numerous strategies you can bring in to show increased awareness, sales and have better brand building.

Social media is especially good in targeting users who may be interested in your business. This is possible because users reveal their interests and likes on social media.

Present Case Studies 

There are many brands that are using social media very successfully. Let’s take an example of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a detailed look at their social media accounts would surprise you.  They present brilliant content that engages the user and promotes their own articles and videos. The Guardian used Twitter in an interesting way to tell stories within 140 characters that garnered a lot of attention online and new sales for The Guardian.

There are many more unique success stories which you can find here.

Explain the Costs

Cost is a big factor in any decision making process. Your boss may be under the assumption that joining a new platform could be a costly affair with creating a profile and putting up content every day, and managing it. Inform her that setting up a profile is relatively free. Also, bring in focus on how social media ads can work with a limited budget. Don’t forget to factor in the human costs. If it is a large organisation, a dedicated team will have to be set up.

Back it up with Hard Data

No one can deny the truth in numbers and neither can your boss. Presenting statistics to your manager will be the biggest supporter you’ll get for your arguments.

–          Facebook has a user base of over 900 million users.

–          40% of people spend more time socialising online than face to face.

–          22.5% of online time is dedicated to social networking.

–          61% of LinkedIn users use it for professional networking.

–          79% of Pinterest users are more likely to purchase an item on the social platform than Facebook or Twitter.

A list like this can go on and on. A quick Google search will get the hard data you need.

Ultimately, the crux of your argument rests on the answer of “Why is your Boss against it?” Once you point this out and work your argument to counter her reason, you will succeed. The reason could vary from waste of resources, no confidence in online platforms to even ‘doesn’t beat email marketing’. Find the answer to this question and everything will fall in place.