You want your brand social media presence to be unique, an image that’s recognized, and associated as the industry leader? Here are 4 real social media examples you can learn from.

1. Oreo

If you haven’t heard of Oreo, you (A) are probably stuck in some uninhabitable part of the world, and (B) have totally missed chomping down on an amazing cookie.

Oreo’s social media has been quite successful because of two factors. One is that they have a post every day. Two is that they are not selling oreos, but information on things people can do with the cookie. And with a cherry on top, all their posts are infographics.


For their 100th birthday, they needed to do something different and unique. They came up with The Daily Twist. Oreo came out with 100 images of the cookie that celebrated the latest news, pop culture, and world milestones.

Oreo Daily Twist celebrates Mar’s Rover, Gay Pride Month, and a tribute to panda Shin-Shin’s newborn cub.

By creating relevance with the world of today, Oreo generated a buzz that increased their Facebook followers by over 1 million and their share rate by a whopping 280%.

Can your brand create resonance with the world around it in a unique manner?

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a brand leader that’s recognized worldwide. They frequently run advertising campaigns to ensure that they’re relevant.

Coca-Cola constantly faces the problem that the brand may be perceived as a corporate giant that does not resonate with the public. Social media provided the perfect opportunity to tackle this.

They crafted and put up 64 tweets every day. They did not push their product, but rather put out content that was conversational.

                                Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 11.53.43 AM.png                      Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 11.53.52 AM.png

Their engagement with unique users jumped up and their reach went up to 1.2 million people on Twitter.

Are you constantly pushing your brand, products and service forth, or are you having interesting conversations?

3. Zappos

Zappos easily showcases many examples on how to conduct social media conversations in the best manner possible.

  • Great Site Integration

    If you click on their Facebook Like tab, you’ll be asked to join their email list.

  • Fans only Content
    Zappos gives Facebook followers special content that only they can see.

  • Fan of the Week
    This is a superb way, on Zappos’s part, to engage and generate excitement from their followers. Zappos encouraged people to send in their best photos and followers would vote for the best picture. The winner was put in their wall cover for all to see.

  • Highly Active
                     Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 3.29.07 PM.png               Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 3.29.49 PM.png

    Zappos does not aim to put one post every day. It has a balanced system post – missing one day and putting two posts up the next day. The posts feature a Zappos product that is presented in an enticing manner.

    More importantly, Zappos’s reply to every comment is quite apt for social media in terms of style and tone.

How many of these elements can you add to your social media activity?

4. BBC

Because of its political news, many of its posts were often trolled and filled with abuses. While BBC used to keep an arm’s length from getting involved in the comment section, it decided on a different approach and got active in the comments section, with positive results.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 3.42.15 PM.png

Automatically, more users with cooler heads interacted with BBC, pushing back the trolls.

Don’t let the negative reaction be, take action.

What can you do?

  • Be Active: If you are not active on social media, your brand does not matter.

  • Put up the Right Post: Oreos’s posts gave tips on what can be done with cookies, while Zappos had enticing posts of their products. Your posts should fit your brand’s and audience’s style.

  • Have Conversations: Have conversations with your followers. If you can’t reply to all of the comments, at least reply to the top ones. Ensure you get the tone and style right.

  • Tackle the Negatives: Some of your posts may get trolled or abused. Don’t ignore it. Find a way to respond respectfully.

  • Integrate with your Site: By integrating social media with your site, you can improve traffic and interaction on your site. Social media buttons are a must.

  • Contests: Occasionally hosting contests can spike up your reach and interaction with your followers. Ensure that you offer something valuable in return, beyond just a free product.

Running a social media campaign is a fantastic way to grab more eyeballs and increase the number of followers you have. Social media works as a circle. The more the followers, the more your social media presence grows. However, that can be a problem when you first create a social media page when your social following is small. So social media advertising is the perfect way to generate awareness and grow following. Additionally, social media advertisement can be a quick way to generate sales.

Here are 7 tips on having engaging social media advertisements.

  1. Go Visual


Always opt to have visual advertisements. 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing and 90% of information is visually transmitted to the brain.

Visual simply does not mean slapping on a picture. Elements of fonts, color, logo and icons have to be accounted for. Each of these have a visual element, can attract eyeballs to your advertisement, and have a different reaction to your audience.

For example, bright red is a color that screams out compared to the color of blue, which has a calming effect.

A simple thing as color can improve CTR. So, ensure you are getting the visuals right in your ads.

  1. Compelling CTA

Every ad should have a purpose. It could be to increase followers, enhance traffic, or to increase sales. To achieve that purpose, you should have a Call to Action (CTA).

Your audience likes to be directed and CTA does just that.

A good CTA is a one that is compelling.

Option 1: “Order xxx product”

Option 2: “Get xxx today”

Both are possible copy lines you can insert in your advertisement. Option 2 is more likely to get you a better response. The word ‘order’ emphasizes the action your audience needs to do, while ‘get’ draws focus to what your audience is going to receive.

Content Verve conducted a varied A/B testing with CTA that came up with interesting results.

Always have a compelling CTA in your advertisement. Use A/B testing to find the right CTA that works.

  1. Display the Right Price

Price is vital for the audience to click on the ad and buy your product. Put up the wrong one and they won’t even click on the ad.

  • The price that spells out more is assumed to be higher to consumers. So instead of displaying $4,990.00, just display $4990.

  • Show a slashed price. You may do this in the form of discounts or by offering bundles. Studies have shown that the public, who choose discounts and such, are compelled to do so because they feel they’re wasting money if they don’t buy the discounted offer.

Don’t just slap on a price on your ad, put the right price in the right manner.

  1. Add Text to Images

Want your copy to be noticed more? Put it on an image. However, beware of Facebook’s 20% of text rule (an image can contain only 20% of text).

This copy will be read more simply because the image grabs eyeballs, getting your audience to read the text.

It is vital that you get the color and font of the text right so that it is readable and does not blend in with the image.

  1. Create Vibrant Ads

If you have used Instagram, then you are aware of how the simple application of filters can change the tone and feel of an image.

Use filters to create an eye-catching visual ad that prevents users from just scrolling past it.

Curalate did an interesting research on this and found that:

  • People like colorful images

  • Very light or too dark an image wasn’t liked

  • Highly desaturated images (like black and white images) performed better than others

  • Red, orange and brown images are liked more than blue images

  1. People buy from People

Simply having a person in your ad can showcase credibility that someone else has bought the product. The person doesn’t even have to be a celebrity.

Over 80% of consumers in the market trust recommendations and an amiable person on your advertisement is just that – a recommendation to your audience.

  1. Video Ads

Facebook has stated that they are working to make video ads more preferable than image ads. On average, a person watches one video daily on Facebook and the amount of videos from users and brands has increased by 3.6x year-over-year.

You can communicate more in a video than an image, making it a top choice to use.

When you run a social media ad, you are spending money for your audience to see and click on your ad. Make that money count by following these tips.