Backlinking is a tactic that allows your website to reach out to the rest of the internet. It builds an interconnectedness that is loved by search engines and has a positive effect on your website’s SEO rank. You can gain traffic from backlinking and take your visitors to interesting pages outside your website that they may be interested in.

Backlinking is an umbrella term. Under it, there are many things you can do across the web to improve your SEO rank.

So, here are 30 ways you can do some quality back linking for your website.


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  1. Add your blog to blog directories. There are many blog directories online that you can submit your blog link
  2. Add your website link to all your social media profiles. Whether your business has a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest – make sure that your website link is there.
  3. Join blog communities. There are many blog communities online like DoSplash and Klinkk.
  4. Join discussion boards like Reddit and Quora. This is a fantastic way to leverage your expertise.
  5. Comment on other blogs. If you expect others to comment on your blog, you have to do the same across the web.
  6. Engage with bloggers through social media channels. You don’t have to just stick to your own website.
  7. When you’re engaged in online discussions, and if it seems relevant, post your website links.
  8. Submit your website URL to RSS feed directories.
  9. There are a host of websites you can connect to and submit content like StumbleUpon and ScoopIt.
  10. Create a post about a trending event. There is a good chance it can go viral, and your website won’t miss out on the current trends.
  11. Share your content on social media platforms.
  12. Encourage people to share your links. Sometime, all you have to is ask.
  13. When you connect with other blogs, see if you can guest blog on their websites. This is a good way to spread the word about your website.
  14. Post interviews on people involved with your industry, especially if they have a celebrity status.
  15. Create white papers to provide customers with interesting content.
  16. Submit your white paper online so that users can access information and become aware of your website. TechRepublic is a highly recommended site to submit your white papers.
  17. Ever made an interesting presentation for your website? Upload it on Slideshare.
  18. Create an infographic. An infographic is a superb way to present information in an interesting way, and it has a chance of going viral.
  19. Get on YouTube. Creating video content for your website can be quite interesting. From reviews, rants and product opening, there’s quite a lot you can do. Ensure that you have a link to your website on your YouTube profile.
  20. Add any relevant links to your YouTube video description.
  21. Ensure that you insert your website URL on any emails that you send out.
  22. If your website is very visual-based (like a food or travel business), then you can get on an image directory. Submit your images and ensure that your website link is used as a copyright.
  23. Get listed on local directories. For example, if your business is located in Edmonton, get listed on Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and Edmonton Journal.
  24. Create an eBook and upload it on eBook sharing sites. Ensure that the eBook contains a link to your website.
  25. Don’t decline interviews, it’s a great way to get your website mentioned.
  26. Try to get mentioned in the media. This will generate a buzz about your website.
  27. Come up with quality content. People love quality content and are more likely to share it.
  28. Blog about important days like national holidays.
  29. Reply to comments on your social platforms and provide reference website links when needed.
  30. Write on and link it back the content to your website.

The key is to ensure that you are leveraging your website correctly so that you are able to get enough of backlinks to your website.

At least once a week, review your traffic data and alter your social media behavior and content so that it appeals to your audience.