Social media is one of the most powerful mediums on the internet. It, by and large, holds a big responsibility on whether content becomes viral or not. It allows a whole channel of interconnected users to easily share content with each other. Shareability of links to content from YouTube, blogs and websites greatly increases when it comes on social media platforms. Features like the Facebook ‘Share’ and Twitter Re-tweet are responsible for amazing shareability.

When you set your blog, you can’t just expect users to find it though a search engine. Utilising social media platforms is a fantastic way to create awareness and peak up the interest of your followers and friends.

Here are three unique ways you can make use of the social media medium and get people to visit your blog.

Facebook Open Graph

By far, Facebook Graph was the biggest new addition to the social media platform. Facebook Open Graph opens up a whole new way to share your blog links. There are many options depending on the meta-data you’re using and the Graph is recognised across multi-platforms.

Facebook Open Graph tags are extremely valuable and easy to use. All that is required is a short snippet of code including your page description, page URL, an image snippet, the type of content and your company name.

Using Facebook Open Graph tells the social media that you are a brand and a blog. It allows you more control on how your link appears on the newsfeed. The best part is that you don’t have to create any Blog page on the platform if you don’t wish to.

Twitter Cards

Just like Open Graph, Twitter Cards gives you more control over the link you share on the platform. It is a powerful tool that allows you to flexibly display the text or media in your tweet to push for more traffic. You need to add a code to your blog to get it working. Twitter Cards adds a view summary which prompts users to expand on the link. With 200 more characters in your Tweet, your explanation can be longer about the blog link.

It helps lend credibility to your blog and increase the followers on your account. Every time you share a link, Twitter will recognise the blog for its good content.

Google+ Snippet

Once you add a Google+ Snippet code to your blog, your authorship carries more weight and you gain more control over how your link is shared. You can easily customise the content a user sees, making it more interesting. If your post is filled with many pictures, you can now easily pick the one you want displayed.

Since, you’re using a Google feature, this not only improves your blog ratings on Google+ Platform, but also gives you a big SEO boost. It would be a big advantage if you connect Google Authorship with Google+ Snippet, allowing your picture to appear beside the blog link.

In a vast sea of blogs, these are three ways to create awareness and get users to check out your blog on social media.