What you learn from the past, can be used for the future. The learning can be the outcome of one’s own personal experience, listening to other’s story or by observing things around you. Every individual tries to learn from the past and rectify the mistakes or use it for their benefit. The same is the case with businesses as they learn from their competitors, other corporate and also from the very strategies and decisions they took in the past. As businesses look forward to what’s in store for them in 2017, the year 2016 has provided with multiple lessons for businesses especially, in the marketing field. So what are the marketing lessons from 2016 that a business can learn from? Take a look at these examples of successful marketing campaigns from 2016.

1. The US Presidential Election

Make America great again, simple yet very effective campaign slogan.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

Donald Trump won the US presidential election and it was due to his successful marketing campaign. A unique thing that businesses can learn from this is to never shy from controversy. It is true that no business should be involved in any controversy and should maintain a clean image. However, if you find yourself on the receiving end of criticism, then never try to shield from them.

Another lesson from the Trump’s presidential campaign is to remain consistent with your target audience. There were multiple tweets sent across in a day on a consistent basis. As a business organization, you need to regularly keep in touch with your audience and keep them involved. Also, the use of social media was instrumental in helping him reach to his audience. The use of social media is something that you can use to engage and connect with your existing as well as potential audience. Understand which online marketing strategy drives the best traffic for your business by doing a thorough research before going forward.

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‘Make America Great Again’, this was the campaign slogan. It was simple, short and easy to recall. There was a division between people supporting and not supporting Trump but the idea of ‘Making America Great Again’ was something that almost everyone agreed upon. Moreover, the presidential campaign was focused on a specific audience rather than catering to everyone. As a result, Trump did not carry out much of campaigning in places such as Maine or New Hampshire. The lesson here is to know your audience and appeal to them in a simple manner. Concentrate your marketing efforts on the audience that you can cater to. Pleasing everyone is not possible in any business.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

2. The Rio Olympics

When it comes to a global level, the Olympics is possibly the biggest event that happened in 2016. This is where the businesses have made use of marketing campaign to reach their audience on a large scale. They focused on emotions, fun and creating an experiential marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at the following examples

P&G ‘Thank You Mom’

In this campaign, P&G showed clips of Olympic Athletes across the world practicing their sport and growing up with support from their mothers. It showcased how the athletes’ mothers helped them overcome their fears and motivated to perform better. It featured stories from the mothers of Simone Biles, Alex Morgan, Allyson Felix, Ashton Eaton and Lex Gillete. The video also had a clickable link where the person viewing could be directed to a webpage where they could send a personalized thank you note to their mothers. Through this campaign, you learn how you can make use of emotions to connect people and relate them with similar instances in their life as well. The video is equally well complimented by their tagline which says ‘it takes someone strong to make someone strong.’

Visa’s ‘Carpool to Rio’

The fun element was associated with this marketing campaign. The commercials featured Olympic Athletes carpooling as the audience rode along on the competitor’s journey to Rio. While on their way, the athletes have fun with each other. This shows a glimpse of their personality and the excitement that was made possible by Visa’s product. The fun element led to audience engagement and the result was evident by the fact that Visa was the 3rd most mentioned brand by the end of the Rio Olympics.

Coca-Cola’s #ThatsGold

In this marketing campaign, Coca-Cola made the case that even non-athletes or ordinary people can experience the feeling of winning gold at the Olympics. For this purpose, the campaign named #ThatsGold was launched. The commercial used in the campaign was about drawing a parallel connection between the excitement and the joy of winning a gold medal. Furthermore, compelling quotes and visuals that were used in the commercial were spot on. The commercial ends with the line ‘Gold is a feeling anyone can taste.’ This resulted in customers sharing everyday simple moments that created the ‘gold feeling’ for them.

Moreover, Coca-Cola also set up mini stages in 84 villages throughout Brazil to bring people together while celebrating the Olympic Games. From this campaign, Coca-Cola got over 3,44,000 social media mentions which were the most for any brand sponsor of the event. The lesson you learn from this is to create a campaign using both the traditional and the digital marketing. The results are obtained effectively when you integrate these two methods of marketing. Moreover, businesses should focus on creating an experiential marketing campaign in order to have a long-lasting impact and at the same time get more customers for your business.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/healthgauge/27820253593

3. Pokemon Go

This was one of the biggest hits in the gaming industry for 2016. Although the charm of playing Pokemon Go eventually faded, it was one of the most downloaded apps of 2016. It was a tremendous success considering that it was made available post half year of 2016. So what can you learn from Pokemon Go? Well, you cannot be successful overnight. The development of the whole concept of Pokemon Go was a long process which dates back to the brand value of Pokemon for over 20 years. Another marketing lesson to learn is that timing matters. The game was released in the middle of summer when most school children are on a break. School children had plenty of free time to play the game.  As a business, you need to understand what’s convenient for your customers and accordingly deliver your company offerings.

Brand name plays an important role in the success story. Niantic, which is the founding company of Pokemon Go had come up with a similar game called Ingress in 2013. The game was not a success which meant that the brand ‘Pokemon’ was instrumental in the success of the game. Therefore, you should also focus on creating a brand name for your business. The benefits of a good brand name can last many years. The very fact that a 20 year old brand was successful in the modern world indicates that creating a favorable brand name is extremely important.

These are some of the best examples of the marketing campaign for the year 2016. When you go ahead with your marketing campaign for this year, learn from these marketing lessons from 2016. If you want to be successful, ensure that you are aware of the business dynamics and make the most of the opportunity when it comes your way. Need any help in carrying out a marketing campaign, then get in touch with a marketing agency to help you out.