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Imagine you met someone at a networking event, or a friends party or got introduced to someone as a mastermind. Now that person is your potential customer who you want as your client.

Follow this simple 3 step strategy which we implement for our clients and it gets them results.


Step # 1: Goto industry specific events, local chamber events, meetup.com events or look for events on eventbrite. Idea is to attend targeted events where your prospects are also attending those events.

Step # 2: Get their business cards or email address and after the event enter them into a CRM or excel sheet

Step # 3: Using a tool like Adroll or Google Retargeting, upload that list for retargeting. This way they will start seeing your ads everywhere.


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Not only you can show people your ads, but also very specific ads. For an example there is a company which does home renovations. If someone is segmented into basement renovation, they will only see basement renovation ads. This makes retargeting so powerful. Alot of times we search online for a flight deal and for next 2-3 weeks we keep seeing deals on those same exact flights.



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