In the age of the digital revolution, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy is critical to every business’s success. Although most assume that social media is the main determinant of a good online presence, SEO is one of the most important factors in every campaign. It drives organic traffic into websites and pages, ensuring that leads and sales remain at their prime. 

Unfortunately, various industries still deem SEO as an afterthought. To help you understand the importance of SEO, identifying which industries benefit most from the tool can help. Here are some of them—your business may very well fall into the categories: 

Industry #1: Local businesses, especially brick and mortar

In more ways than one, SEO is a tool that helps local businesses remain competitive. Campaigns can be tailored to every need, ensuring that things remain personalized according to the needs and behaviours of target audiences. 

Simply put, business owners operating brick-and-mortar stores can further their sales funnel with the help of SEO, especially since most businesses are sought after according to need—a pipe breaks, for instance, or a customer wishes to eat a local pizza parlour. Here are just some of the local businesses that can benefit from SEO:

  • Service companies, such as plumbing, landscaping, lawn care, car maintenance, and so on
  • Restaurants and bars, be it fine dining or casual
  • Hotels and specialty shops 

Industry #2: Online retailers 

eCommerce is a vast area, making it difficult to remain competitive. The only physical part of your niche business would be shipping logistics, but everything else relies on the complex nature of the digital world. To drive traffic and increase sales, digital marketing is the only logical tool to invest in—especially SEO. 

Most people assume that being a small online business isn’t lucrative, but the right strategies can help you become profitable. You may be selling niche products such as scented candles, handmade jewelry, and even sporting gear, but even the most compelling products will remain unsellable without the right online presence.

Simply using phrases like “scented candles in Canada” or “best sports gear online” can help customers find your website, and ultimately your social media pages. Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t just for the big companies—it’s worth investing in, even for the small market players.

Industry #3: Tech companies, such as SaaS and other online services 

Companies in the tech industry can also greatly benefit from SEO, especially considering the nature of their products and services. Keep in mind that most still do not understand the very core of these innovations, making them wary of investing in them. With the help of SEO, however, you’ll be able to not only raise awareness but educate people about their benefits. 

Focusing on buyer intent and education will be more than possible to do, particularly when it comes to enriching your websites and pages. In time, prospects will come by choice—eager to learn more.

The Bottom Line

The industries listed above are just a few of the many market players that can benefit from SEO, and many others should follow suit. Given the ever-changing market landscape, it’s important to begin investing in tools and campaigns that help you remain competitive and highly relevant to consumers. By incorporating SEO into your other digital marketing strategies, you make sure to expand your reach and, ultimately, succeed. 

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