Best Link building tools and resources to built authority links

Link building is extremely important when it comes to making sure that your website appears on a search result. The number and quality of links on your page contributes greatly to its SEO Rank.


Here are twenty eight tools which can help you get plenty of good quality links on your page.

1.      The Definition of Link Building by Plank Point SEO

Plank Point SEO has put a fantastic post which explains very precisely what link building is.

2.      Link Detective

This is a great tool to use to get an idea of the link opportunities on your site. You can sign up for a free account and take an in-depth look into your links.

3.      Check My Links

It can be quite difficult to keep track of all the backlinks on your site. Check my links allows you to identify any broken links.

4.      NetPeak Checker

NetPeak Checker takes a look at the Domain Authority, Number of Text Backlinks, Social shares, Page Rank and more. It may take you some using to figure out how to operate it, however the information the application gives is very relevant.

5.      Guest Posting Query Generator

To use this tool, type in a few keywords and click on ‘Generate’. This is a simple tool which will help you find new opportunities by giving you a list of queries. Use relevant keywords and find new links for your site.

6.      Brainstorm Topic Ideas

This is an extremely good resource which you can access to find trending topics which link to your website. Brainstorm Topic Ideas is an alternative to digging through a topic on a search engine.

7.      Moz’s Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a tool through which you can analyse all your backlinks on a page. It can also give link suggestions to put on your site.

8.      Majestic SEO Site Explorer

This is one of the most popular backlinking tools. It shows you the backlinks of any site whose URL you input. An advantage of this tool is that it’s free.

9.      Fresh Web Explorer

This is one of newest tools on the internet. Fresh Web Explorer is very good at finding your brand mentions through the web which you can link to your site.

10.  Google Alerts

Google Alerts may be a simple tool, but there is much you can do with it. You can set up a Google Alert for any particular keywords or mentions that you want links to.

11.  Alltop

The web is vast and it’s impossible to keep track of all the content on it. Alltop is a site which aggregates the most popular content on the web. It’s a stop where you can find topics to write on and discover links.

12.  Buzzfeed

This is another great site that you can drop by to get your dose of high quality content and discover new links.

13.  Jason Acidre’s Blog: Kaiser the Sage

This is an excellent site to visit and learn how you can constantly keep improving the link building and SEO rank of your website.

14.  Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a fantastic tool which you can use to link up keywords on your website and open new doors to various new links.

15.  Scrapper Tool

You must be coming across plenty of information on various pages on the web. The scrapper tool helps you to create a resource list which you can easily keep track of.

16.  Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Chapter 7

If you’re new to link building, then you should drop by this link. It helps you familiarise yourself with the basics of link building.

17.  Uber Suggest Keyword Suggest Scraper

Keywords should be an important part of your link building strategy. You can do plenty of internal linking within your site. Long tail keywords are gaining more prominence and this tool will help you with that.

18.  Link Clump

In a day, you probably come across plenty of links that you want to use on your site. Link clump is a tool which helps you keep track of these links easily.

19.  Visual Thesaurus

This is an interesting site to be linked up to. This link can help you visually explain keywords in the form of a thesaurus.


‘’ is an important resource through which you can start your link building. You can register your site link on it and gain access to host of similar links.

21.  Link Building vs. Content Marketing

It’s easy to think that link building and content marketing are the same; however this article explains the detailed differences between the two and how you can boost your SEO using both of them.

22.  Boomerang for Gmail

At some point, you will use emails to help in your link building. Boomerang helps you keep track of your emails and watches who opens them and who doesn’t.

23.  SEO Subreddit

If you want to tap into a link from Reddit, this tool is the way to do it. Reddit is a multi topic site that is filled with content written by users.

24.  Image Raider

Other than just plain text, your site should have a good amount of pictures so as to ease a reader’s experience. Image raider allows you to trace and discover other sites which are using the same page as you.

25.  Google’s Beginner Guide to SEO

When it comes to link building, you can’t miss out Google. This is a simple handbook which can help you with link building.

26. Majestic SEO

This is the most popular link building tool out there and for many, it’s their first stop.  The Site Explorer will be your most used feature. It takes your URL and gives you back relevant information such as Summary, Top Backlinks, Referring Domains, and Top Pages. The Domain information informs you if you have lot of sitewides.

Majestic SEO breaks down your backlinks into various categories such as Referring IP Addresses, Nofollow Links, Redirects, Frames, Deleted Links, etc. The Backlink History section will show you important information on external backlinks discovery and referring domains discovery over the past year.

If the tool finds your site lacking in backlinks, it will get pointed out and you can add links from their Top Backlinks section. There is a free and pro version, so take your pick.

27. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is somewhat similar to Majestic SEO. Its free version offers you a bit more information on your backlinking than Majestic SEO. The Dashboard presents information in an easy to read manner and you can question the creators on the Q&A section and get a swift reply. This means if you’re new to Open Site Explorer, you won’t have a tough time learning how to use it. The tool has many options of displaying backlinking data such as inbound links, top pages, linking domains, etc.

It is great for strengthening your domain authority and Linking Root Domains. A unique feature of this tool is that social media is not missed out on and there is focus on platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

In addition, you can analyse your own website or a competitor’s.

28. Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers four main features for its users – site explorer, SERPs Analysis, Reports and Labs. The site explorer functions similarly to Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. You can find interesting information like total number of backlinks and their types, different referring IP’s and subnets.

Lost Links is an interesting feature through which you can find links a competitor has lost. The tool gives you a daily report on your page rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. The report feature gives you freedom to create reports for your own domain or any other site as part as the free version.

The internet is filled with plenty of tools that can help you build authority links on your site, don’t get lost with them. Just stick with these and your website should come up with strong SEO optimization.